Control of Flamia Island

Captain Van Zant sets foot on Flamia Island...

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VS Yu Jing

“HEAVY WEAPONS IN POSITION!!” Grunt Sergeant Pat barcks in his headphones when they jumped out of the Drop Ship that brought them to Flamia Islands South Cost. Gunner Pete slammed the Heavy Machine Gun into its mounting and turned appart a Lu Duan Remote who was positioned at an Antenna in the middle of the district. Their mission was easy: set foot on Flamia Island and escort Cpt. Van Zant to the Ariadna Camp in the middle of the Island. Sounds easy. What they didnt know is that they were droped directly in a hell of a warzone! Yu Jing and PanOceanian Troops fought for every square inch of ground at this Orbital Tracking station and it seems like the Dropship poured the USARF Spearhead directly into the battle. “Take those antennas, this is an order!” a voice came through Pats headphones. “We need to control those antennas to bring our troops safe from and to the island – take them from the front – I will pour my Rangers directly into their hearts from the back.” Pat didn´t answer, it was not necessary – Captain has spoken – there is only obedience….

Immediately he drove his Spearhad towards the Yu Jing troops that appoached them from the North and already controlled one of the Antennas. His team took over the Antenna closest to them. Then he gave order to the Foxtrot to observe the area. “Unidentified camo troops ahead” – he reportet and placed some mines to protect the zone of deployment. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of those damn Ninjas materialized in front of Gunner Pete and the Grunt team reacted as only veterans of countless battles react who fought shoulder on shoulder against foes by far more frightening then a Lady with a butter knife. Gunner Pete pulled the trigger of his HMG and fired one full volley into the Ninja, before he turned to the left to bring his shoulderpad between him and his attacker. Only one moment later, the Monofilament Blade cut through his armor and peeled off his shoulder pads completely… This was the last thing, the Ninja saw because the rest of the Grunt team teared her appart with some controlled bursts of Shotgun and Fire out of their guns. …. “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” Sergeant Pat yelled to make sure his Grunts save the ground they just conquered. One of the Maverick bikes covered their march with smoke as a Yu Jing Sniper opened fire on them… Bless this brave girl who was hit by two bullets while covering her commerades. They approached the second Antenna. At this moment, a huge explosion cut through the battle noises.

Captain Van Zant dropped his ship in the North of the Battlefield which was hit by anti-aircraft fire just behind a full team of Keisotsu who just seized one of the Anteannas. Before Roger recognized what happend they opened fire on him and injured him dramatically before he was able to take down one of the JSA soldiers. ..

Sergeant Pat yelled some orders before his team reached the last of the Antennas and with that, met the Keisotsu Team. Without any scruples they took down the complete team with some short range bursts out of their Shot Guns. Pat was very satisfied …. “This is what you call a super power? All your Camo, High-Tech shebang, what is it if your soldiers die like flies?”

They took the injured Captain with them and went north towards the Ariadna Camp. The reinforcements are save thanks to Roger Van Zant who risked his live in exactly the right moment to cover the Grunt Teams advance. What a soldier, what a veteran, what an American??!!

Captain Van Zant sets foot on Flamia Island...Captain Van Zant sets foot on Flamia Island...Captain Van Zant sets foot on Flamia Island...Captain Van Zant sets foot on Flamia Island...Captain Van Zant sets foot on Flamia Island...Captain Van Zant sets foot on Flamia Island...

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