Control of Flamia Island

Orbital antennas protected from Tohaa ambush

VS Tohaa

It would be nice Saturday evening with iconic sun set on Flamia Island if there will not be a war on this peace of land. One small but important fight happened also on orbital tracking station close to Sagres city. Corregidor force unit leaded by legendary McMurrought get intel about small Tohaa group trying to hack three orbital antennas in this facility to trackout intel from interplanetary communication.

Nomads forces landed close to one antenna, Morran Massay Hunter immediately check this antenna, found it untouched by Tohaa and send his Crazykoalas to keep area of second antenna. Jaguars team with heavy panzerfaus loadout took roof of facility south east corner building, providing nice perimeter view across most of east part. And trio of Brigadas start tactically moving forward and checking every building and dark corner from enemies. One of the first contact with Tohaa was made by Intruder HMG who took a cover behind shipping container, but after a long gun fight with enemy Gao Rael sniper, he got serious injury and can’t continue in fight. Since panzerfaus jaguars had change take down enormous Gorgo unit, they just manage to lightly wound it, so McMurrought itself has to take a lead, throw couple of smokes around and get to close combat with this Tohaa TAG. And then with couple of sword attacks make his symbiont armor useless his owner then immediately got hit from chain riffle when trying to get to cover.

Bunch of Tohaa units found issue to moving thru Nomads in suppression fire positions or expose to panzerfaus trio and were wounded terribly, the worst happens to Igao infiltrator, who attempt to surprise Brigadas but in same time exposed to Jaguars and they shoot all explosive ammunition to him, I would say was tough to found rest of Igao after it, since half of building he was on was heavily damages after six explosion hits. Some others Tohaas units take over of their closer antenna and move over to middle one. Crazykoalas there did they job well and when enemy send backup to take over mid antenna, there were already link team of Brigadas covering it. Some of Tohaa close combat specialist manage to get there thankfully to smoke screen, kill one Brigada and take over of mid antenna, but not for long. Corregidor Hacker in Mobile Brigada suit killed this ambusher and with minimum resistance in already heavy damaged Tohaas lines, he get up to third antenna and finish Corregidor success in Sagres orbital tracking station.

Orbital antennas protected from Tohaa ambush

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