Control of Flamia Island

Black Friar gets his Revenge

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VS PanOceania
Zenon Berg

Zenon had learned from the devastation that Atalanta could cause the first attempt and so assigned Joan a Black Friar. The Black Friar set up a shot for turn one and I countered with the Proxy MK V. He lined up Atalanta and shot her. She failed her Dodge and fell from the top of the tower. However, the Proxy MK V got her revenge by hitting and having the Black Friar fall to her superior marksmanship. However, Joan must have been relieved as the Black Friar had done his job and the sniper nest was down.

Joan began to advance towards the training grounds and now it was up to the Dakini and Proxy MK IV and V team to stop the knights. We started out well with having the Proxy MK V getting a shot on the HMG knight at the same time that the Dakini hit as well. The second time we opened up we were able to use the Proxy MK IV and fire a rocket that would drop the HMG wielding knight (he saved one wound the order before) and then lite the Knight Hospitaler Doctor on fire. The Asura watched as the Hospitaler crumpled to the ground under the flames.

From here the advance was slow for both sides. A Fusilier took out two of my Netrods attempting to isolate my Proxy Jumper to a single Proxy chassis and bring the pilot down. Joan managed to advance and due to smoke was only being fired upon by the Asura who had a single hit crack Joan’s armour.

The game ended with my troops moving under cover of smoke to a forward position and haveing the Asura use Red Rum to explode De Fersen’s head. She then attempted to Isolate Joan but failed. With the final moments of the battle coming Joan laid a nano pulsar down and brought down a Net Rod, Myrmidon, Lamedh, however the Asura then Isolated Joan so that she could do no more and the Sophotec dodged. The last knights charged the Asura but the Asura managed a lucky hit and brought the Knight down despite their superior close combat skills.

With our final iniative we took positions to secure the training grounds as we watched the Light Grenade Launcher soldier flee the field. Joan, isolated and immobilized watched as everything came down around her as she began to plot her next moves for another engagement.

Black Friar gets his RevengeBlack Friar gets his RevengeBlack Friar gets his Revenge

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