Control of Flamia Island

Yu Jung Steps up

VS Yu Jing
Matt L

Yu Jing forces were spotted moving towards Agoge Center. However, they were bringing new units we had never seen before. There was some sort of robotic Tiger that appeared to be shape shifting and a new breed of sniper as well as some strange bears following around three men that appeared to be identical in every way. This was certain to be an interesting game since we knew very little about our enemy and they had seen most of tricks the last two times they attempted to dislodge us.

The Proxy MK II infiltrated right in front of the Hsien HI who was armed with an HMG. My hope was to open at point blank range with a boarding shotgun blast that would also hit the troops behind him stacked along the wall.

Unfortunately the Yu Jing commander began by using the Pheasant sniper who managed to crit and take out 2 models in as many shots. The first round went right through the chest of my Proxy MK V who failed to dodge. The second round went through the robotic brain of a Lamedh. This was not looking good. The transforming tiger then began to roll up a flank with tremendous speed and flank the barracks. This had used up most of the Yu Jings initiative since the Tiger was moving cautiously.

I tried to sieze back the initiative by setting some white noise, however I failed my 14 WIP and the Bao Troop sniper put a round through the Asura LT. She dove to the ground in order to lay her White noise without receiving fire. After laying a screen of white noise our Myrmidon ran over to the barracks, climbed to the roof and then jumped down behind the Tiger. He then proceeded to engage the Tiger from the rear, however the Tiger passed his armour check. With another attempt to cut the Tiger down the Tiger crit his dodge and disengaged. Since the Myrmidon had used all its stamina to get there it was up to the Asura to get things done. So a few more white noise markers went down and a smoke screen to allow clever positioning from the Asura to be able to be seen by none of the multispecs that the Yu Jing had brought (3!) and also not be seen through the smoke when looking at the Tiger. We lined up the shot and managed to cause a single wound. However, this was the end of our momentum.

Yu Jing seized things back with authority! The Pheasant sniper shot at the the Asura and despite needed 12s to my 14s managed to crit the Asura and cause another wound. The pheasant opened up again and I elected to dodge (hoping to go prone since I had moved further into cover after the first volley after choosing to fail my guts roll) This time the Pheasant put a round right through the head of the Asura (crit again!) The Bao Troops sniper then opened up on the Myrmidon who was pinning down the Tiger (Matt was worried I would engage if he did anything with the Tiger) and again managed to Crit the Myrmidon who had successfully dodged. (this is when we started talking about the crits for days that Matt had!)

As we began to re-assess we moved a Lamedh into hacking range of the Tiger. His Bao Troop crit again! Luckily I also crit my dodge and so survived. I then began by putting up white noise between the Asura and the MSVs, next was spotlight on the Tiger, and finally marksmanship on the Dakini armed with a light grenade launcher. I then spent six order speculative firing on a target that had no cover, was in optimal range and targeted only to never roll a single die less than 11. I had missed terribly, but that Barracks was riddled with holes from the grenades.

My opponent wasn’t able to do much in his next turn. He moved to advance and did get a few troops into the middle zone. He also kicked in the skull of the myrmidon, giving him his objective. However the Tiger wasn’t able to move further after being immobilized by the Asura and Lamedh combo.

My final turn was to push into the center and my own control zone in order to steal the game with another 4:2. Smoke and White noise allowed my limited forces to move out and just capture the Training grounds.

However, we had many repairs to tend to.

Yu Jung Steps upYu Jung Steps up

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