Control of Flamia Island

Reinforcements arrive. The Twins

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VS PanOceania
Zenon Berg

The new arrival of the Twins. Or really just a single twin, since our Asura hacker had always been commanding the Aleph detachment assigned under Blitchga. With the second Asura arrival we were able to upgrade our firepower considerably having an Asura armed with a spitfire after our Deva got brought down against the Neoterran’s.

The lack of experience was definitely showing as the Knights took initiative and moved up the field quickly with minimal losses. Of course, it would have been strange had our Proxy MK II not found her way into close range with Konstantinos. However, after missing the first shot it ended up being the light grenade launcher armed Dakini that Speculative fire shot into Konstantinos nest with shock ammunition through marksmanship supportware off the Asura that took out Konstantinos this time. The Proxy MK II still scouted his position and called for backup after receiving a ton of AROs from the advancing Knights team.

The knights continued to push forward onto the Proxy MK IIs position and while the Proxy managed to put many wounds on the knights the Hospitaler doctor kept them all moving with single wounds left. Our Asura twins under cover of smoke did manage to crit Joan on the way in and bring her down so that she would not be joining the remainder of the fight. Though this affected the knights little who continued to advance with authority into the Aleph zone.

Aleph was clearly on the backfoot for this game. However, we had managed to reprogram the mine that their infiltration forces had laid in front of our army. This meant that as the Knights advanced they activated the mine which dropped the Doctor Hospitaler.

Luckily the Asura managed to just survive a close combat attack from De Ferson. After taking two wounds in close combat she managed to push De Ferson off and drop him bleeding at her feet. With that, we had only a Fusilier and HMG wielding left to deal with in order to flood the zones and hopefully recover from our earlier flat footedness. The remaining myrmidon (the other had been lost long ago to a crit from an HMG) was tired of laying smoke cover and charged the last Knight. After three rounds of combat he was dropped by the knight and it fell to our Asura LT to move in and rake the Knight with combi rifle fire. Eventually this did the final wound. She then sprinted for the enemy HVT and far zone to capture it under constant fire from the remaining Fusilier who managed to win nearly every firefight between the two models. Luckily the Asura LT’s heavy armour was working and left her unscathed.

In the end the game was a 10-1 with my opponent having only a Fusilier left, however the game felt much closer than that as I had repaired or doctored several troops in order to bring my points back up. I also had many models running on NWI or with multiple wounds (Both Asura’s had two wounds and only had their NWI left)

Reinforcements arrive. The TwinsReinforcements arrive. The TwinsReinforcements arrive. The TwinsReinforcements arrive. The Twins

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  • Daniel Darko says:

    I like this battle report, especially the commented pictures and the résumé.