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Robot War Redux

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This was likely the last game of Operation Flamestrike I’ll be able to squeeze in, and a close one it was. Zayin and I played a 150 point battle at Onza, using the “Supplies” scenario. We were doing a test run for a 150 point tournament we’re playing in on Sunday, so we both brought some slightly weirder lists than we normally do. Also I’ll take any excuse to fight Aleph robots with my Haqqislam robots.

Zayin won the initiative roll and decided to go first. He was able to get a Naga Hacker (I think? I can’t tell Aleph models apart…) to open a tech-coffin and make off with the data pack inside. He couldn’t do much else, so with his last order he took a potshot at my missile launcher-toting Ghulam, and managed to hit her twice while she missed with a return missile. She then failed both rolls, killing her extra-dead since it was Shock ammunition and causing me to spiral in to Loss of Lieutenant (or LOL).

My first turn was spent suddenly scrambling from my chain of command having broken down. All I could do was have the Yuan Yuan land and blast some netrods to pieces (mostly out of spite, but costing Zayin orders was nice). I then just moved various models in to better firing lines, while also trying to position my specialists in better spots to rush the remaining tech-coffins.

Zayin’s second turn was spent trying to kill the Yuan Yuan, mostly. He knew if he didn’t kill her then Coppertop would just keep shooting his models in the back. He unfortunately couldn’t kill her at _all_ despite dumping I think all of his orders in to it. Coppertop was like the wind itself – impossible to shoot with bullets. I’m pretty sure that’s an old Arabic proverb.

My second turn, I had the Yuan Yuan rush the Asura. I was going to cut her – cut her real bad. Zayin elected to have the Asura meet Coppertop’s CC attack with one of her own. I always forget that the Asura is pretty fantastic in CC, so what happened was Coppertop rolled a 4 and the Asura got a 14, and then Coppertop failed her armour save and fell over. I spent the rest of my orders moving the plucky Rafiq up the board, opening the middle tech-coffin, and then running away with the data-pack inside. We were now tied at the bottom of the second turn.

Zayin’s third turn, he tried to position his remaining orders with his few orders to watch the third tech-coffin. The Asura was able to move up and blast my Shihab to pieces, while another Hacker was able to watch the other approach. Now me moving towards it would draw multirifle-fire and/or Brainblasts.

My third turn I was able, barely, to secure a victory. My Total Reaction Kameel was able to kill the Hacker, so I was able to get the Najjarun to close with the tech-coffin. I had two orders left, and I had to open the tech-coffin with the first and pick up the data-pack with the second. If I failed the roll to open it, the game would be a draw. I needed a 14. I rolled an 11. That was game – the Najjarun picked up the data pack with his last order and that was that.

Of course, if the game magically went for one more turn, the Asura would have killed everybody, but since the game ended according to the rules and not according to Zayin’s sick revenge fantasies I was able to pull off a win literally at the last chance.

The pictures, in order:

View of the battlefield. The green and purple crystals represent the tech-coffins (I couldn’t find anything more appropriate in the heap of terrain).

Another view of the battlefield. Note that the rocks were considered infinitely tall since that’s apparently the idea for the tournament this weekend.

Team photo! The unpainted REM (not even based…) is the Rafiq.

My deployment. I tried to scatter my specialists along the line.

Aleph deployment.

My missile launcher-toting Lieutenant in the lower left, having been killed by the Asura with her multirifle up towards the top of that photo. I completely missed the fact that there was an amazing firing line right there from one deployment zone to the other.

Coppertop, unconscious after trying to CC the Asura.

The winning heap of models. The Shihab and the Kameel were both shot to pieces by the Asura, but the Najjarun was able to close with the crystalline tech-coffin and grab the winning mcguffin.

Robot War ReduxRobot War ReduxRobot War ReduxRobot War ReduxRobot War ReduxRobot War ReduxRobot War ReduxRobot War Redux

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