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Robots Agog for Agoge

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Once again, the robot hordes of Aleph run head-long in to the astounding bulk of the Maghariba Guard. This was a 200 point battle, using the “Frontline” scenario. We fought at Agoge this time around so that Zayin might be able to help out Aleph. He’s been very gracious allowing me to put so many games in to Onza for Haqqislam’s benefit, so I was happy to move to Agoge for him. I sort of like Aleph, you guys! I dig the whole Greek-Hebrew thing they’ve got going on, and I also love robots! I don’t like fighting them!

Anyway, the game was very nearly a draw. Zayin and I spent the whole of the first turn shooting each other ineffectually and barely moving out of our deployment zones. I went first.

The second turn is when things slowly started to turn against Zayin. The Maghariba Guard stomped its way across the river, blasting apart Tacbots and the Sophotect with its Multi HMG. I tried blasting apart Netrods, too, but was only able to kill one. I put 6 shots with a Multi HMG in to the last Netrod over the course of the game and the plucky little thing just wouldn’t die (to be fair, I missed it 5 times and the 6th time it made its armour save). I tried setting it on fire with the Maghariba Guard’s heavy flamethrower, but it made its armour save against that, too. I don’t know what they made this Netrod out of, but they should replicate its apparently indestructible design. Zayin crab-walked his Asura along the catwalk and then dropped her in to suppressive fire.

My third turn, I figured I would try to get clever. I couldn’t reach the Asura with my Maghariba Guard, so I just had it walk in to the sector furthest from me. My Ghulam didn’t have enough firepower to have a reasonable chance of hurting her, either, so I decided to blast her with an E/Mauler. I forgot the Asura had a nanopulser, though, so I lost my Ghulam LT (w/ HMG) and my Ghulam Doctor, but I was able to put the Asura in to IMM-2 state. On a hunch, I moved my Hunzakut back towards the center sector. Zayin’s turn was spent having his Asura swear a lot since the Sophotect was dead and couldn’t fix her IMM-2 state.

The game was barely a win in my favour. We both got our “Secure HVT” objectives, and both dominated the sectors furthest from our deployment zones. Only my final order moving my Hunzakut in to the central zone was what turned it from a draw in to a victory for me.

As per usual, Zayin’s dice betrayed him when he needed them most. Aleph doesn’t believe in religion or superstition, so there’s no-one for him to pray to to fix his dice. Perhaps tiny robot dice that use adorable little legs to flip themselves to the number he needs?

The pictures, in order:

Aleph team photo! The blank black base and the two things that look like fancy crosses are in fact Netrods (Zayin doesn’t own any yet, so we’ve been happily letting him proxy.)

Haqqislam team photo!

Battlefield view. Zayin’s deployment is in the lower right.

Battlefield view. Zayin’s deployment is the left, mine is the right. We initially decided to treat the river running down the middle as a “Swamp”, so Very Difficult and Supression, but we forgot about the Suppression for the whole of the first turn so we decided it was just Very Difficult. Cool story, eh?

A shot of the invincible Asura, who dropped prone and scuttled along the length of that boardwalk. She just. Wouldn’t. Die.

A shot of my Maghariba Guard, having stomped its way to just outside of Zayin’s deployment zone. I cannot wait for the new sculpt so I can stop using this silhouette so often.

NOTE: This is the second use of “agog” for Agoge. I feel like nobody appreciated that easy pun.

Robots Agog for AgogeRobots Agog for AgogeRobots Agog for AgogeRobots Agog for AgogeRobots Agog for AgogeRobots Agog for Agoge

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  • Garak says:

    I think Aleph needs to upgrades it’s troops 😛

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Great report! The Vedics are inspired by Indian tradition but I guess Samekh is a letter in a number of Semitic languages. Are there any others?