Control of Flamia Island

Robots in the Pantry

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This was a 200 point “Supply Run” mission, fought at Onza.

Zayin won the initiative roll and elected to go first and I decided to go second.

On Zayin’s first turn he was able to take advantage of some poor placement of mine, and was able to move his Sophotect up to the tech-coffin, opening it and making off with the data pack inside. That took most of his orders, though, so that was all he could do.

My first turn was spent trying to get some specialists closer to the tech-coffin. First, my Yuan Yuan came in, but Screamin’ Sammy missed the mark and wound up in my deployment zone. Coppertop and Jade-Blue Afterglow tried to chainrifle several groups of Aleph that were tightly packed, but both died in the attempt (Coppertop actually survived, but then died to the F2F roll when she tried to clobber the Sophotect with her DA CCW). I used my few remaining orders to get Scarface a bit closer for his upcoming scheduled rampage.

Zayin’s second turn was spent repositioning his Tacbots to cover the two unopened tech-coffins. He couldn’t get any specialists near them just yet.

On my second turn, I tried to get my Ghulam fireteam (with a Doctor and Hacker in it) to the central tech-coffin. Unfortunately, an HMG-Tacbot was able to keep them pinned down. I was able to get my Kameel Hacker to pop open a tech-coffin and make off with the data pack inside. Scarface was able to cause a decent amount of damage, blowing up a Netrod and causing a wound to his Asura. Scarface was impetuous at this point, so he wound up standing in that crater and daring the Aleph transhumans to try something.

Well, on Zayin’s turn he tried something and it worked – a Hacker managed to possess Scarface. He tried to move the same Hacker to the final unopened tech-coffin but Screamin’ Sammy, defying all odds and spitting in the face of his poor Ballistic Skill, scored a critical hit with his pistol. The Hacker fell dead. Out of spite, he used his remaining orders to lob speculative fire grenades at my Ghulam, managing to knock the Lieutenant unconscious with the third try.

My third turn, I spent a Command Token to restore Scarface to my control. I was in Loss of Lieutenant (LOL!) though, and so none of my remaining specialists could get close enough to open the final tech-coffin and pick up the data pack inside.

The game ended in a draw. A close game, and well fought by Aleph.

The pictures, in order:

Haqqislam team photo!

Aleph team photo! Only it turns out Pentheselia wasn’t there, and some of his models were missing from this shot. So.

Battlefield view. Note that the green-topped rocks were considered to be infinitely tall. This is a table that will be used in a tournament this weekend.

Top-down view of my deployment. The Ghulam fireteam on the left, the Kameels in the middle, Scarface & Cordelia on the right.

Top-down view of Aleph’s deployment.

Brave Jade-Blue Afterglow, having chainrifled all three of those Aleph jerks but not causing any wounds, and dying.

Brave Coppertop, who also chainrifled a bunch of Aleph jerks but didn’t cause any damage and then died.

Scarface, strong on his mountain! And possessed by the Hacker in the top-center of the photo.

The game-tying critical hit from Screamin’ Sammy’s pistol.

Robots in the PantryRobots in the PantryRobots in the PantryRobots in the PantryRobots in the PantryRobots in the PantryRobots in the PantryRobots in the PantryRobots in the Pantry

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