Control of Flamia Island

Slow Pitch At Sagres

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VS Tohaa

This was a simple straight “Annihilation” game, 150 points each, played at Sagres Orbital Tracking Station (just to finish off an achievement – sorry, fellow members of the Sword of Allah that I didn’t help at Onza). I went second.

Tohaa turn 1 was uneventful. He maneuvered some of his troops around, but there was no exchange of fire.

My turn 1 was spent charging my Kum and Ghazi in to position. Again, not much happened – my Kum were able to hide behind smoke, so I don’t think I took any casualties.

Tohaa turn 2 was when the action really started to ramp up a bit. He was able to shoot several Kum to death, with a single viral combirifle raining death down. Still, largely uneventful. One thing of note that was funny, if not devastating, was his doctor got close to my Ghazi who used their Jammers on him, knocking the doctor out of its triad fireteam and made him Isolated.

My turn 2 was a blood-soaked gunbattle. My Kum and my Ghazi charged the nearest enemies, as they are wont to do, and each of them did a fair bit of damage. They all either blasted off Symbiont armour or knocked Tohaa unconscious. Unfortunately I ran out of Kum and Ghazi and Regular orders while having them suicide-rush, so my turn was over.

Tohaa turn 3 was spent moving his only fireteam up to the center of the catwalks, on the little square tower in the center. He was able to use his Isolated (and, I imagine, confused) Doctor to restore his viral combirifle-wielding trooper to consciousness. The fireteam was able to kill the Naffatun who was up on the catwalks by tossing swarm grenades with a speculative toss but that was it.

My turn 3 was spent running the last surviving Naffatun with a heavy flamethrower up on to the catwalks and blasting the Tohaa fireteam with his naphtha. He was able to kill two of them, and didn’t die despite heavy return fire.

That last-ditch charge of the Naffatun was able to tie the game up. The surviving points were so close it was a draw both ways (and we both got our Secure HVT objective).

The pictures, in order:

Some Tohaa shoot a Kum in the back. The Kum survived and wheeled around on them, but was shot in the back from the other direction.

The battlefield from the side. Note the hedges on the right side (that’s my deployment zone).

The battlefield from above. My deployment zone was the side at the bottom.

My HVT. Some sort of Yu Jing cosplayer by the looks of it.

My Kum bikers, having run afoul of the hedges. See, the hedges were too tall for the Kum to vault over, and too close together to fit between, so they had to drive all the way around. I lost a lot of speed and that meant several Kum spent two full turns doing nothing but driving, which is pleasant through orchards but less so in a firefight.

Team photo! Each command group had 2 Kum, 2 Ghazi, 2 Naffatun (with one light and one heavy flamethrower), and a Ghulam (group 1: Doctor, group 2: Hacker). It meant each group had a few Regular orders to use on the Extremely Impetuous maniacs.

Slow Pitch At SagresSlow Pitch At SagresSlow Pitch At SagresSlow Pitch At SagresSlow Pitch At SagresSlow Pitch At Sagres

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  • John Tenzer says:

    Good report! And an interesting terrain set up!

  • thepoorman says:

    The terrain density was pretty OK since those hedges perfectly block S2 line of sight. The issue was that the line of hedges and trees on the left and right at the very edges in the middle of the third picture were decided to be totally solid and infinitely tall so I was forced to bottleneck in to the center, which meant my maneuverability was removed.

  • Terrordactyl says:

    What did you think of the terrain density?