Control of Flamia Island

Showdown At Ozna

Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

Soon O-12 would call for a seize fire. The Ozna Facility would be out of reach, and Haqq would have control.
But that time is not now.

Comms Zah 90: Commander Masterofmelee,… Zah here…. Why do you continue to harrass, don’t you have Zhurong to defend.
Comms MOM: Your betrayal at Zhurong is reason enough to be here. So you can remember that Yu Jing never faltered!
Comms Zah 90: Your funeral, come forward if you dare.

One that signal, The Tzunami Bikers Regiment engines roared in unison. Blazing forward, the Spitfires Aragatos quickly take down the defensive HRL and Sniper as they one by one.. The Aragato Hacker moves forward and dies to a Viral combi revealed Spec OP, but Yo Jimbo makes up by hitting the enemy lines Hard.. Killing 2 and engaging the last.

The enemy spent his turn recovering from the assualt, healing up the fallen QK soldiers..

Turn two the bikers continue to push teh advantage using all their orders to connect teh terminal and antennaes.

This give Haqq a slight chance to rally, but the two Suppresssive firing bikes make it difficult.

The press continues and the Haqq forces must retreat.

Blitz at its very best.

Yu Jing

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  • Masterofmelee says:

    They were the objectives. We were playing emergency transmission.

  • Zenon Berg says:

    Looks like a great table. Nice doorways. What where the big ball bearings?

    Deus est cum nobis,
    -Col Hospitaller Zenon