Control of Flamia Island

The last Domaru standing

VS Yu Jing

To further bolster the Tatenokai forces, Commander Wiggs build a training centre, all focused on training the conditions and skills needed at Zhurong power plant.
Yushimaru, the Tatendokai commander under Wiggs tutelage, choose the initiative this time, learning from his precious mistake and choosing the assault. He commanded his Keisotsu forwards. The one carrying the HMG took point and got shot before he could get a bead on his assailant. Intruder Andres reported: “Target taken out.” The rest of the keisotsu moved to secure the the far right objective and bunkered down. Meanwhile the Domaru and the Tokusetsu Eisei moved throught the torii gate towards the central building. The doctor opened the doors and the Domaru charged in while dodging Mubutu’s crazy koalas, clearing the way. The dokter moved in and secured the central objective.

“Alright let’s teach these JSA how it’s done,” lt. Valeria ordered. Lupe heard the ‘go’ and move forward with her team in tow. She dropped smoke: “Objective alpha is ours.” Lucia moved from the other side of the building: “Targets acquired.” While her HMG gently purred, taking out most of the keisotsu. Anna moved towards cover from the smoke. She took out the rest of the team, sparing one. “Target marked.” Tomcat Rodriguez took objective bravo, while trying not to step into the open: “Objective secured.”

At that moment the Domaru burst from the central chamber and let his chaingun rip. Only Lucia managed to dodge out of the way, her hacker colleague and Mubutu the Moran went down. Rodriguez and Andres missed their shots. As soon as the Domaru disappeared from view, coverfire erupted from the central building.

Lupe reacted immediately and dropped smoke grenades in front of the door. Andres got her idea and descended. But as soon as he stepped out into the open his visor registered the sniper perched on the containers on the far left flank. “SNIPER on the far left!” He let his HMG rip, while dodging the shot from the Ninja. “Target eliminated.” He moved on down the stairs. Through the smoke his visor clearly registered his target, the Tokusetsu dokter. Andres took his down before he could even blink an eye. One step to the side and his visor gave him a clear view of a ninja. Rinse, repeat. “2 out of 3 targets are down in the central chamber.” “Leave the last one to me,” Lupe answered. She stormed the central chamber dodged the corner and let her neuropulser blast away. However, the domaru seemed to be waiting for her, dodging her attack and closing in. Lupe tried to fend him off but was hard pressed by the hulking samurai (both opposing crits). Anna flanked the building and entered thought the side door. She took the central console, while Lupe distracted the Domaru, the last man standing.

A 6-1 Nomad victory! Yushimaru came over for ITS training last week. This was the second battle we played. We used the same lists and terrain to safe some time. Read all about the first:

VS Yushimaru 1460730784

He played my JSA, but I suspect he might be buying his own any time soon.

The last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standingThe last Domaru standing

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