Control of Flamia Island

Operation Lycurgus: Armory Secured, YuJing Crushed

VS Yu Jing

I got a great pic of the table and one good pic…then the phone died! Made the rest interesting, playing my list from memory. Either way, it was a fantastic game.

Lost the roll-off again and got second turn and deployed second. Yay! Strange he didn’t pick second turn. Oh well, works for me.

His first turn, a SuJian ran up and shotgunned the sopphotect and Scylla’s bots for a few orders, falling to ARO from the Zayin and flamers. One less threat is always nice. The Zayin was then wiped out by Hsien HMG fire and the EVO Probot was knocked out, but not a bad first reactive turn.

Active turn, the new Posthuman mk5 SMG’d the Hsien to death and blasted away the ShangJi hacker standing by the armory, then settled in with a siny new breaker rifle (from the panoply) to secure the armory for turn 1.

Second turn, YuJing lay down tonnes of smoke and shut down all AROs as the KuangShi OrderTrain moved into the armory. Aleph active turn, Penthelesia wiped out the Sophotect and the Hsien again (who was previously healed by the former) with a devestating nanopulse and the YuJing player conceded immediately, with only 66 points left on the board after I’d only spent 2 orders on the turn, wth plenty left to clean up and secure more.

Short, bloody game.

10-0 win!

Operation Lycurgus: Armory Secured, YuJing CrushedOperation Lycurgus: Armory Secured, YuJing Crushed

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