Control of Flamia Island

Onyx-first encounter

Capitan Timothy Sanders_D-company 2reg AFSGOD All Ariadnan
VS Combined Army

Dog Company scoured the secret facility, when on perimeter shows large group of alien scum. At the same moment some dangerous toxin escaped to air, ariadnan soldiers had to be hurry to avoid danger. But where there was fresh air, they were also aliens.
At the beginning enemy doctor-engineer stumbled hidden Uxia and injured her.
Next batroid squad enters to center of facility, when ariadnan scouts waits for them. One of robots was damaged by mine, but doctor-engineer was near. Later was massive shooting beetween batroids on one side, and chsseur and hardcase on another side. Ariadnan scouts had no luck, but they stopped the enemy long enough. Most of aliens don’t have time for escape from toxic cloud and dies. Eight members of enemy squad falls in biotechvore area, one of the was alien commander, and two batroids went straight into second chasseur flamer.
Then D-Company counterattacked.
Hallways filled with smoke, On left flank dog-warrior and galwegian clashed in close combat with batroid team, neutralizing two of them. Antipodes in suicide mission kills doctor-engineer. On right flank similar team- a dog warrior and galwegian blocked another two batroids in combat. Rest of ariadnan force also leave the dangerous area, only lonely antipode controler stayed behind, but she survive.
There was only seven alien left. Three of them was blocked by ariadnan warbands, another was a drone with no weapons. Enemy desperately tried to change the situation, but that was not easy. Two galwegians and line kazak was wounded, but all of aliens was defeated, mostly from dog-warriors claws and galwegian blades. Mission accomplished.

[scenario roll pointed Biotechvore, I think on start “I l lost game’- on the other side stands 10 batroids, who may escape from death zone in 4 orders (in two linked groups), and I must move out two full groups without links. We played at Boarding Action terrain, enemy has first move. My opponent commited several mistakes that gave me the victory. First of them was a simply mathematical mistake. They moved most of troops full order forward and was convinced the troopers was safe. But to get out of the area they must walk anoter 1-2 inches. He realized too late. Then, he forgot his commander was in biotechvore yet. Second turn without lietenant and half of troops was no easy… ]

Onyx-first encounterOnyx-first encounterOnyx-first encounterOnyx-first encounterOnyx-first encounterOnyx-first encounter
Capitan Timothy Sanders_D-company 2reg AFSGOD All Ariadnan

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