Control of Flamia Island

Dealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @Calabozocriollo

VS Combined Army


Charmalenge Officer Albert Alvarez, Santiago de Leon Order

“Sagres has being attacked by a remain of the combined army forces, sparced they gathered enough strengh to claim a location we send a contingent along with joan of arc to deal with the menace once for all…. they reported sucess and the onsight of a Umbra agent…. his body was recovered for further investigation… Zone Clear… SAGRES SECURED”

Turn 1

Joan of Arc start moving fast, dealing at first with the enemy tohaa alien that was sniping from a far position, then shooting upon several group of heavy armoured morat forces that where in the rear line, spitfiring righteous zeal upon the filthy alien to get into the very mid of the enemy line. Pathfinder dronbot advanced to take the closest console. Brother Crusader Astarios was shoot down upon arrival (we shall pray for his soon recovery)

Morat alienoids under the command of the umbra legates moved to joan of arc location, shooting with all while many were pinned down by the sniper SO A. Davalos that shoot upon their advance. Saddly Pathfinder remote and brother valiant were shoot down by the Morat Vanguard HMG. Joan of arc was down by several shoots leaving her out of this combat (Her recovery its top priority…. Deus Prioritas Protocol) Brother Cordelio of the TOcamo forward observer team did some reactions killing several alien droids and wounding some morat.

Turn 2

Charmalenge Albert Alvar did move his remote to heal up SO Valiant, that stand his feet and start shooting his spitfire guided by his MSV2 on the enemy morat with HMG, and advancing forward. Brother Konstantinos scored the middle console and moved forward with his assault pistol killing several enemies on sight, and getting close to the enemy location, while he advaces he finds morat bodies that were treated with extreme predjuice so he did move to control the fartest console while the remaining of the combined army troops retreat from the field out of command.

“By god will we did hold the position and cleanse of alienoids the sector, several reports of uncoordinated actions along the location, but for now seem secured, we need to keep this effort on flamia to remove enemy presence once for all”

Dealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @CalabozocriolloDealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @CalabozocriolloDealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @CalabozocriolloDealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @CalabozocriolloDealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @CalabozocriolloDealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @CalabozocriolloDealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @CalabozocriolloDealing at backdoor, Sagres Threat! @Calabozocriollo

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  • Luisjoey says:

    Sorry Zenon Berg was a tournament and i was expecting the campaing to end, also the system doesnt help to place in the right order, but think of a post modern batrep 😀

  • Zenon Berg says:

    I find that fewer pictures that are detailed really tell a story. 15 disjointed pictures really don’t help 😀

    Deus est cum nobis,
    -Col Hospitaller Zenon

  • Luisjoey says:

    sorry for the few pictures, was a tournament and i was on time for the playing. but DEUS VULT was served!

  • AdmiralJCJF says:

    As ever a great report.
    Keep up the effort for God and Nation!