Control of Flamia Island

To Shed the Shield

VS Nomads

“In the dense jungle lies a hidden nomad threat. This armor will only slow me down in dealing with them.” muttered the mighty Achilles as he stepped out of his Hoplite armor and disappeared into the lush fauna. Phoenix took up position on top of a nearby crate with his fire team to provide cover fire for Alke and her team of specialists. Eudoras sets up to protect Achilles’ rear but was quickly left behind by their ill-tempered leader. Achilles ripped the opposing Nomads to shreds as he used the cover of the jungle and his odd to avoid taking return fire as his spitfire made quick work of the Nomad Reverend and her Aguaciles. He sneaks behind the Gecko searching for him and annihilates it with his explosive close combat weapon. Rattled the Nomads sent an intruder to take care of Alke and her team only to fall to Phoenix but not before taking out a Thorikitai Paramedic. Achilles driven by blood rage continues his onslaught only to fall to a very lucky shot to his ankle. In vengeance, Phoenix clears the nearby establishment of all Nomad presence save for a lone Hellcat. As they carried the body of their unconscious leader out of the jungle, one of the myrmidons dared to whisper “Will he fight again?” without missing a beat Phoenix snapped back at his compatriot, “No. He will win again.”.


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