Control of Flamia Island

Predator and Prey

Yu Jing
VS Nomads

The Nomads thought they could overwhelm us with their superior number and firepower. To their addled sights, we were just a single band of Haramakis desperately running away from them. Little did they know that they should have been more wary of the shadows, for among them walked the deadliest part of our combat group.

Turn 1 (Nomads): The Nomads started their slow trod towards the enemy JSA, the unfamiliar terrain of the Antela jungle proving more difficult to traverse than expected. Everyone kept their slow and steady pace save a lone Spekter that quickly crossed the middle line and laid down two mines. Upon laying down the second mine, the Haramakis draw a bead and take the Spektr down with luck and combined Double Action fire from their Contenders.

Turn 1 (JSA): The Haramakis advance through a long building complex on the east side of the camp, taking care to avoid the dense jungle that would surely slow their pace. They reposition just inside a doorway near the camp’s midpoint. Behind them, a Yao Zao servant trails closely, it’s controlling doctor safe behind crates within their deployment zone.

Kitsune reveals where she was hiding and executes the lone Grenzer sniper that threatened the Haramakis advance. As she does this, an Intruder spots her as she is running back into cover. She fails her dodge and dies. The Kempeitai sees this and decides to take on the mantle of command.

Turn 2 (Nomads): Devastated by the loss of their Grenzer lieutenant, the Nomads try desperately to maintain a semblance of order in their ranks. Each one advances through the brush with the Mobile Brigada deciding to peek around a building and fire at the waiting Haramaki squad. He manages to wound one of them before Contender shots cut through his armor. The Intruder re-cloaks.

Turn 2 (JSA): The Haramakis reposition further into the camp. Not much else happens.

Turn 3 (Nomads): With a last ditch effort, the Nomads renew their attack. An Aguacilles trooper tries to do what the Mobile Brigada failed to do and fails as well. The Haramakis are proving too hard to put down. The Gecko TAG advances and fires at the Haramakis from long range as well. The Haramakis react by firing their Blitzens and succeeds in Immobilizing the TAG effectively taking it out.

A Hellcat drops behind the Haramaki line with a single Haramaki drawing a bead. He decides to risk not alerting his teammates and fires his contender at the Hellcat. The Hellcat manages to wound a second Haramaki but dies in the process.

Turn 3 (JSA): Only three models left on the Nomad side of the table. The hidden Oniwaban engages the Reverend Healer and kills her with a slice of his Monofilament blade. He then temps the Camoed Intruder to react. The Nomad Intruder decides to fire its pistol and which the Oniwaban dodges. He makes base contact with the revealed Intruder and executes it quickly. He then rushes the last remaining model on the Nomad force and ends the game.

Predator and PreyPredator and PreyPredator and Prey
Yu Jing

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