Control of Flamia Island

Kissing Your Sister

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VS Nomads

The game started with the Nomads getting initiative and taking deployment while the PanOceania troops would go first. On the south flank (PanO left) some Regulars moved up along a building getting into the middle of the jungle zone. The link team of Bagh Mari swung north working to avoid the center and south HMGs of the Nomads. However they found an Intruder Sniper waiting for them with MSV2/X-visor. He dropped the link leader hacker. The medic brought the link leader back while going down himself. Then Nomads lost the Intruder when an Akali dropped in behind but the Akali died too. Final tally from that was one unconcious Bagh Mari paramedic and a dead drop troop for the death of the Intruder. The beginning of the Nomad turn went worse. Five dice from a linked HMG Alguacil against a Total Reaction HMG, Nomads got three hits, Pano got a crit. Desperate for something to go right the Nomad commander dropped in two Hellcats, both were shot down during landing. After yelling at my dice (and threatening melting) the Nomad commander continued. The Mobile Brigada HMG dropped the Total Reaction remote, then two regulars, and finally killed the missile remote. The Nomad Warcor watched.

Turn two the Bagh Mari slowly advance keeping under cover. Another Akali drops in behind the Alguicil link team, killing a combi rifle ( hunting the LT) and driving the paramedic around the corner. The Pano commander shot at the last one in the doorway but she just turned and laughed. The Nomads were a little more aggressive this turn with the link team starting to move into the jungle after killing the Akali and failing to bring their other members back. The final Hellcat dropped in to gun down the Bagh Mari HMG. The Nomad Warcor watched.

Last turn the PanO mechanic climbed up on the roof to bring the Total Reaction bot back but went down as soon as he was visible to the Mobile Brigada HMG. With few orders left the PanO commander was on the defense. The Alguicil link team moved around the building taking out two more Regulars. The Nomad Warcor still watched.

We ended up at a 2-2 tie, a little like kissing your sister.

This was our first time dealing with Jungle, we forgot the saturation zones effect on shooting and that you can’t combat drop into a low visibility zone. Given the way shooting went (lots of hits or no hits) at most we would have lost a few less points each. One of the combat drops did have an effect on the game however there was another spot nearby that was outside of the low visibility zone he could have dropped into.

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