Control of Flamia Island

A final rush

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Useless Alpha

Turn 1
ALEPH starts first and advances to size the first antenna. Then all the troopers advance towards the center of the battlefield. Hector avoids the first hacking from the Bandit hacker but not the second and he becomes immobilized. Schilla moves in the range of a CrazyKoala and is killed. The Rebot moves on the left side of the battlefield and climbs to the top of a building.
In the NOMADS turn the Bandit drops a repeater and a mine and then goes back in camo. In the right side of the battlefield a Jaguar uses a smoke granades to cover the advance of a group composed by the 2 Jaguars, the Intruder and the Mobile Brigada. The Jaguar uses the smoke again and engages in CC a Dactyl but he is unable to kill him. The Bandit hacker hacks the Rebot that becomes immobilized.

The first turn ends with 1 antenna for ALEPH and 0 for the NOMADS

Turn 2
At the center of the battlefield the fire team of Myrmidons advance and sizes the central antenna than moves to a better position to cover the center of the battlefield. On the right side the dactyls tries to kill the Jaguar in CC but fails and becomes unconscious. Hector tries to reset but he fails and remains immobilized.
In the Nomads turn the hackers try to spotlight a Myrmidons and Hector but fail. Then the Wildcat fire team advances and the Wildcat with the Spitfire shoots Hector but misses 4 out of 5 shots and Hector saves the last one. In the rigth side the 2 Jaguars, the Brigada and the Intruder move and shoot with a coordinated order and focus their fire to Hector and Eudoros: Hector is killed but Eudors Critical-dodge the attack and move in cover. The Wildcat fireteam tries to secure the center of the battlefield and shoots with the flamethrower one of the Myrmidons, but fails and the team leader becomes unconscious. Then another Wildcat shoot at him again with the boarding shotgun and kill him. With the last 2 orders the Wildcat Hacker can finally size the first antenna.

The first turn ends with 2 antenna for ALEPH and 1 for the NOMADS

Turn 3
Eudors launches a smoke granade and with the 2 remaing Myrmidons moves to the center of the battlefield and reform the broken link team. Then he shoots the Wildcat with the spitfire and kills him. The Rebot tries again to reset but fails.
On the right side, the Jaguar uses the smoke granades to cover his advance toward the center of the battlefield and then to cover the central antenna. Thank to the cover of the smoke the Wildcat hacker can run to the center and succeeds to size the central antenna with the last order.

The third turn ends with 1 antenna fo ALEPH and 2 for the NOMADS.

At the end of the third turn the NOMADS control 2 antenna and ALEPH one, the battle ends 6-3 for the NOMADS.

A final rushA final rushA final rushA final rush

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