Control of Flamia Island

Blocked Hospital

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Yu Jing
Akira Masimoto
VS Nomads

Akira Masimoto had a bad feeling about his mission.
To download some medical data and transmit it to homebase was one thing – to do this against a force used to play with data in higher league is another.
Welcome to the JSA, where orders are given from the emperor of the dragon throne.

As a Japanese Citizen within Yu Jing you’re always a second class citizen and usually the combat orders will let you feel it.

So it was no surprise that the hospital was a well set trap. All the entrances were blocked by a Nomad Force.
One Aragoto tried his luck to give his collegues some seconds, pulled the throttle and drove with a blasting spitfire towards two enemy drones.
Unfortunately all his bullets missed – instead his bike blew up and left nothing more than a small crater.
The diversion was set right. Another Aragoto gave irons and together with a Karakuri-Puppet, Akira himself and a Keisotsu carring a missle launcher they went forward.
With a strange shreeking voice three little robots raced towards them. Crazy koalas… once an invention of the JSA itself it was a irony that those little moving mines blew up the last Aragato. Unbelievable fast reflexes saved the Karakuri Automation from the same destiny.
It even went through the hospital doors and all of the sudden it frooze.
Never use your electronic toys against an Nomad Inventor… from a save place far away he hacked the poor puppet.
It didn’t went down easy and refused to disfunction, but time and spreading bullets took its toll – the Karakuri finally exploded.

Feeling safe the Nomad force went a bit too easy footed. A Lunokhod without cover and a clear line of sight is nothing than a smoking pile of trash metal…
…but even this sacrifice didn’t help to uncover that in the meantime Nomad agents downloaded and transmitted the data itself.

Frustrated Akira Masimoto tried to safe his people and declined empirial orders… hopefully the Highcommand will be distracted with other things.

Blocked HospitalBlocked HospitalBlocked HospitalBlocked HospitalBlocked Hospital

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