Control of Flamia Island

no command center for tohaa

VS Tohaa

Third game of the tournament – sorry for the blurred pics
playing comm center, Ariadna vs Tohaa, again no spec op, 300 points

hidden objective required a doc or paramedic, which I did not have

I lost initative, Tohaa went first, Ariadna chose deployment. Both inferior infiltrationg flame thrower grunts failed AGAIN! So the rest deployed rather defensively and far back. Tohaa featured 3 triads, each with one specialist, one CC figter and one heavy shooting hitter as well as one TO and one camo infltrator. Their approach was rather cautious, they manged to eliminate the scout on the central tower and tried to discover the ambush camo marker, checke one of the consoles. Aridan first turn saw the 45 Galwegian and the Cameronian sprinting up the right flank, taking out one tohaa specialist and staying in smoke cover but chain rifle distance to the rest of the triad there. The speznaz killed the one spitfire guy with a MSV2, the vat Kazak with hmg eliminated the tohaa vialc CC beast, whatever their name actually is.

The second turn saw some shooting out in the middle and on the right flank with the cameronian dead and the vet kazak going back for cover and one more console for Tohaa. Then Ariadna moved around the left flank and killed the TO guy there and decimated the central triad. Also another tohaa specialist went down, making it an even score. Last turn saw a tohaa specialsit miving up and doctoring the hvt as hidden objective and going into supression fire with some troopers who unfortunatela for them did not see enough of the left .consoles. So Ariadna in the last turn secured more consoles andand alos had more killed enemies, making it a 7 – 2 win.

no command center for tohaano command center for tohaano command center for tohaa

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