Control of Flamia Island

undiscoverable scout

VS Nomads

just a short bat rep from a tournamnet.
playing Cold sleep with 300 p and without spec ops and ginving the new HSN3 rules a try

Nomands vs Ariadna

first the two infiltrating heavy flamer grunts BITH failed their role, then the cameronian went up on the right flank, eliminated a alguacil FO there. Then smoked and attacked in cc a nomad combat remote with spitfire just to get immobilized due to the new rules for electric pulse 🙁 — should have used the chain rifles instead. Checked the closest boxes and the left console.
Nomads killed the unlucky dog warrior in their turn, achieving their hidden objective coupt de graze this way. Then all attempts with both intruder and total reaction bot to discover the hidden scout on the roof top of the left center building failed.
In the end a nomad prowler rechecked the left console taking it away from me but died in the attempt due to heavy fire. I had 2 boxes but no consoles, Nomads one console, neither had any specialists left in base contact with any of the consoles, so no points for anyone for controlling those.

undiscoverable scoutundiscoverable scoutundiscoverable scout

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