Control of Flamia Island

Immobile and Invulnerable

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VS Haqqislam

I’ve heard it said that if your opponent brings a TAG to the fight, you either have the means and a plan to deal with it, or you suffer sorrow indescribable. I learned that very thoroughly as I put my Deva well away from where thepoorman’s TAG went on a rampage.

The first turn was fairly sedate – a few exchanges of gunfire and some very limited movement. The second turn is where things started to go wrong for me, as that aforementioned TAG sauntered up along one side of the board and proceeded to shoot every single thing that I hold important in my life. Only two things survived the onslaught – one of my Netrods (kindly built and donated by Nasicato) that stood strong against multiple HMG rounds and a flamethrower, and my Asura, who took a wound and dropped prone on the catwalk. Seeing an opportunity to enact the tactic that has worked so well for me in the past, she scuttled up while prone to a position where she could nanopulse the infantry coming round the corner. Unfortunately, she was struck back by a weapon that left her Immobilised, and on my last turn I was left with only her and a Netrod. With neither of them able to actually do anything, the ALEPH presence disintegrated under thepoorman’s clever maneuvering.


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