Control of Flamia Island

Robot-Armed Robbery

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VS Haqqislam

This was a very fast – and very close – game of two hundred points, swiping stuff from Onza for what I’m sure are very good reasons.

I went first, and our initial setup left me clear for a quick play, ducking my Sophotect up to a tech-coffin and running away with the loot. This was basically my entire first turn because, as per usual, it took three tries to get the thing open. Thepoorman’s Yuan Yuan dropped in and made nuisances of themselves, with one charging the Sophotect and only barely being put down. A third wound up on the opposite end of the board, in a position where he would surely be unable to cause me any trouble. I had an HMG pointed at the central tech-coffin, but a firefight with an opposing HMG put mine down long enough for him to pop it and make off with its innards.

Meanwhilst, there was a TAG stomping down the other side of the board and causing all manner of issues, blowing up Tacbots and injuring my people. It was so tempting – SO tempting – to have my Asura just jump it in close combat, but I figured I’d actually try hacking like I was some sort of Aleph player or something. And it worked! Overlord shut the thing down so that my Deva could make a break for the final coffin, but then that Yuan Yuan from earlier popped her with a crit. With nobody in a position to do much of anything, the game closed in a draw.


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