Control of Flamia Island

Spiderbots and Twenties

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VS Haqqislam

I’m sure glad this wasn’t a session of the RPG – I’d be generating so much Heat I’d set the table on fire, and I’m pretty sure the fumes from the scenery would be toxic.

The game opened for me well enough – I had an HMG pointing downrange, covering paths to the supply boxes. My Deva Hacker was set to back the Dakini up and also to rush one of the boxes, and my Sophotect was backed up by my Asura and the other Dakinis on the approach to another. First thing that happened was the HMG Dakini got shot by that spiderbot, and things went downhill from there.

The Deva ducked up towards the supply box, only to find a hacker already there. A furious keyboard duel was fought over the like five attempts it took to get the box open, and in the end she was left Isolated. The spiderbot trundled on over towards the other arrangement I had and, despite the Sophotect’s best efforts, machine-gunned everyone there right to dust.


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