Control of Flamia Island

devastating final blow~!

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VS Haqqislam

The luck of the dice was with me through the vast majority of this one, my tank hunter’s portable autocannon demolishing biker after biker after biker before they could even finish their impetuous phase. A few bikers raced around the opposite edge of the table, snagging the ‘secure HVT’ classified objective and wound up face to face with my HMG Spetznaz. I was really well positioned when it came down to his last model on a suicide charge. The biker advanced, hitting two of my models with chain rifles and it was at this moment that the dice began to fail me. I killed the biker, but made neither Armour save, losing about 60pts worth of soldiers in the process. I went from over 100 to under 50 in the last face to face roll of the game, and that was the end of me. His classified objective made all the difference, and I lost the game.


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