Control of Flamia Island

Skirmish in the Jungle

VS Haqqislam

2100 Agoge Center
HQ. This is Mymidon Officer Eudoras.
A small section of Haqqislam forces have infiltrated our frontlines and I’m taking my team of Myrmidons with Neseai and her team of Thorakitai to move and intercept.

2130 Agoge Center Compound
HQ. This is Myrmidon Officer Eudoras.
I managed to drive a lone trooper but I surmise there are more of them. We’ve managed to hunker down in the central command center inside the jungle.I hear the roar of bikes outside. We’re taking defensive positions to secure the location.

2200 Agoge Center Compound

HQ. We are taking heavy fire. I’ve lost two Myrmidons to Chain Rifle fire from Dogged Bikers and Alke is left by her lonesome protecting our rear. I have no choice but to engage.

2215 Agoge Center

HQ. This is Warrant-Officer Alke. Where are Achilles and Phoenix? We’re pinned inside the compound.

Eudoras has charged the opposing Haqquislam forces outside the compound. Based on the cries I’m hearing, he’s taking them out. I don’t know how long he’ll last out there.


HQ. This is Warrant-Officer Alke. Eudoras has returned. His sword is wet with blood. There’s a certain calmness in his eyes amidst his furrowed brow. We need reinforcements. We’re still outnumbered two to one.

2245 Agoge Center

HQ. This is Eudoras. I’ve managed to secure the area with Warrant-Officer Alke and a Myrmidon troop who deserves a promotion. The Haqqislam fell to my blade and the two managed to secure the area. Send in a clean-up squad to clear the area. Tell Achilles and Phoenix that they missed the fun. Eudoras out.


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