Control of Flamia Island

Keeping the Cheshire Project's Secret

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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

Dead Men Tell No Stories

*–*– Transmission Initialized –*–*
/*– Log-files xrshfuw
/*– Mounting hostuserkazuyaga.id.diarycheshire*neko

From: Dr. Ishiwa Kazuyaga
Location: Narooma Medical Facility

Timestamp: xd.fks.t.a.m /mon/02.34.53
Log: Recv Recovered Subject
Recovered slain Cheshire subject has been received in the east wing of the facility. Orders are to analyze the chemical composition of the cadaver in hopes that improvements can be made to the stim solution used during missions. TO Camo implants have been removed prior to turnover.

Timestamp: xd.ftx.rwe.w /wed/05.03.34
Log: Progress Report
Stim composition seems to be too aggressive. This may explain how the Cheshire continued to function after multiple gunshot wounds so much so that accounts record that he slew all opposition before finally falling. Heart seems abnormally tough and large suggesting that the adrenaline does, while offering strength to efficiently wield standard-issue monofilament blade, also caused the unit to expire probably within 5 mintues of activation. Additional experiments need to be accomplished.

Timestamp: xd.123.jj.u.st /sat/21.54.12
We are under siege. Haqqislam forces are waiting at the door and have demanded entry. They gave us an hour to surrender – which gave us enough time to incinerate the Cheshire’s body as ordered. No physical evidence will be discovered. The data however… Data has been encrypted and stored in the air-gap terminals with standard redundancy protocols. The enemy has blocked all paths to the uplinks.

We have slain all the medical staff who have not agreed to commit honorable seppuku. There are five of us left and we hold our wakazashis with pride. For the honor of the Dragon! Let us serve this one last time.

*–*– End Transmission –*–*

Turn 1 (Haqqislam): The Haqqislam bikes abandon caution and cross into the JSA lines. The lead biker inadvertently triggers a CrazyKoala mine and dies from his mistake. The Spider TAG is sent in to destroy the other CrazyKoala before it does damage. A specialist rushes into the medical records room and successfully retrieves the first data pack. He decides to keep hold of the pack instead of rushing to the uplinks, wary of lurking ninjas that may have deployed in hiding. Kitsune reveals herself and engages a trooper that quickly dies to her blade. The Haqqislam declare a coordinated order and eliminates the Oniwaban legend.

Turn 1 (JSA): Yojimbo roars across the battlefield and shoots his smoke launchers to block the Haqq sniper’s line of fire taking a wound in the process. He engages the final Haqq biker and makes short work of him later on dismounting and deciding to keep watch inside the medical records room. The Domaru link team led by Neko Oyama rush into the room as well, covering all but one entrance. Declaring the room secure, a JSA paramedic retrieves the data and runs back to an uplink, successfully completing the upload. 2 points for the JSA. The remaining orders are used to fire potshots at the opposing data carrier, taking him down with a burst 5 Spitfire.

Turn 2 (Haqqislam): The Haqq commander recognizes the importance of the medical records room and decides to order the Spider TAG to take out all of the Domarus and Yojimbo with HMG and Heavy Flamer shots. The machine drops Yojimbo with his first shot. It then kills two more Domaru Butai. Another Haqq trooper exits the North Eastern building and is engaged by a hidden Oniwaban.

Turn 2 (JSA): Noticing that the opposing force has only one specialist left capable of accessing the medical data, the Domaru link team decides to approach the Camo Marker to the north. Another one of their number gets wounded but Neko Oyama gave the specialist no other option but to de-cloak and fire back. The Oniwaban activates and kills the trooper he was engaging. He then engages the specialist and slays him outright. The rest of the turn sees the Domaru team spreading out and hiding in cover and the Oniwaban returning to a TO marker state.

Turn 3 (Haqqislam): Knowing that the mission is lost, the Haqq forces try to kill as many of the JSA soldiers as possible. The Spider TAG knocks another Domaru unconscious thereby breaking the link team completely. It then repositions to create a clear line of fire to any paramedic who decides to approach the central room from the west. A trooper with an MSV 2 equipped attempts to discover the cloaked Oniwaban but fails.

Turn 3 (JSA): A heroic paramedic Keisotsu Butai runs to the east and north to the central room. He then shoots a medikit into a fallen Domaru and revives him from the unconscious state thereby accomplishing the JSA secret mission objective. He uses the last orders to make base contact with a console and retrieve a second medical data pack thereby winning the scenario for the JSA 5-0.

Keeping the Cheshire Project's SecretKeeping the Cheshire Project's SecretKeeping the Cheshire Project's SecretKeeping the Cheshire Project's SecretKeeping the Cheshire Project's SecretKeeping the Cheshire Project's Secret
Yu Jing

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