Control of Flamia Island

The Test Drive

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VS Haqqislam

The Hoplite Armor Test is a success. Achilles single-handedly took out nearly half of the opponents forces in his initial foray into the enemy flank. The Haqqs quickly fell to his spitfire as he bounded across the battlefield faster than any other Myrmidon. Having been isolated from the rest of his team, the lieutenant proved to be a useful distraction as he drew all the enemy’s fire as we turned out attention to the antennas. He would fall shortly later but by that time we have secured the center of the battlefield. The disorder following the loss of our lieutenant proved to be a nuisance as we allowed the enemy’s spider tank to close in us and take out our specialist team. Eudoras and I were on point to make sure that the antennas would remain in our control following that debacle. Consider sending another Myrmidon officer next time to gather the reigns. Eudoras and I are ill-suited for the job once Achilles gets taken out.

– Phoenix, Myrmidon Officer


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