Control of Flamia Island

Attack of the Remotes

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VS Nomads

-Playing Frontline-

I choose to make him deploy first and I null deploy my guys on my side and stick 3 Fiday inside a building near his deployment. The Idea was my 3 Fiday and a Ragik will be enough to claim his side while I deny him my own. He goes first and manages to kill a couple of guys but the damage isnt that bad. His forces are not that far into my one so I figure my plan is working so far.

He has 1 bot on a roof with a fuerbach that kinda messes up my day but my Lasiq with a rifle finally takes him down. It feels weird not trying to kill his guys like normal but my strategy is to try and hide and do this all turn 3. On his turn he moves up his drone which wrecks alot of my stuff before I can finally get it down but does leave him without much on this side. I dont do much of anything on my turn 2.

His turn 3 he brings in some guys with AD combat jump and narrowly misses trying to deploy inside my zone. I lose some guys on that side and he sets up perfectly to hide his guys from my Ghulam with an HMG. Turn 3 comes to me and the problem is I cant bring my Ragik in safely. Either side he comes in he will get an ARO. I debate for awhile but in the end decide to chance the slightly safer side. I have to eat a combi rifle shot and a crazykoala. Save one armor save, fail the other. Not wanting to risk too much I call it there.

I beat him in my zone and he controls the middle. We count up points and I am about 20 down before I play my Intelcom card which puts me up by 17 or so. I thought I had a victory till he says he forgot to add one guys points, turns out I lose by about 15 points. Close game and fun all around.

Attack of the RemotesAttack of the RemotesAttack of the Remotes

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