Control of Flamia Island

Run cumotail run

VS Combined Army

This is the third game i did on our gaming day near munich in germany. i played against a new player with his combined army.
we played on narooma and i realy have to say that the more often i play coffin raides the more i dont like this mission. its so order intensive for me that the only focus is throwing smoke get to the objective, take it and run away. every round the same procedure. i think its a boring mission maybe it is because of the Zero-V-Smoke but their is no action to do more because im out of the orders to do more thinks like shooting or covering firelanes or something else. what do u think?

But back to the game 😉
My opponent had i sciavoro and a umbra and i was realy afraid of them. But i feal luky because he used them realy defensivly. Especially the sepsitor wasnt used one time. I hate to loose troops to the oponent. Cause he used them so defensivly i fokused on the objective points and run the boring style 🙁

Run cumotail runRun cumotail runRun cumotail runRun cumotail runRun cumotail run

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