Control of Flamia Island

Achilles to train the Recruits


My Friend Steve is building up a character Steel Phalanx army. He normally plays Morat but wanted to do just all the characters from Steel Phalanx. I let him borrow my models since his were in the middle of being painted. Since Steve is still new we went for a slightly smaller game at 200. I was super surprised at how well the little 200 points five man , single fireteam list did!

In Deployment I lost a single Netrod that failed to reach the battlefield.

Turn 1:
Atalanta does 1 wound to Euduros, however the Spitfire armed Myrmidon managed to crit Atalanta back. However the doctor Proxy MK I was on the sniper nest as well and stabilized Atalanta so she could resume firing. However with only two orders left Euduros critical dodges to drop an Eclipse grenade and block Atalanta’s fire.

Therefore the Asura led the charge with 2 coordinated orders to move into the training grounds (Huge mistake, who moves towards the murder machines!)
Re-actively Ajax saves three sniper rounds and so only takes a single wound as they all move in to begin close combat. Luckily Eurdoros fell so that they did need to advance the last little bit in the open. However, the poor Asura received 3 wounds from Ajax (explosive CC weapons with extra attacks from Achilles was brutal!) The Asura did hit back! however, Ajax brushed her feeble attack aside with his armour.

Turn 2:
My Myrmidon managed to best their Myrmidon in CC and so I was feeling like maybe I had a chance. Then the Dakini shot and was shot from the rooftop by Achilles. Atalanta did manage to hit Ajax for a second wound though.

Ajax moved up to kill my Myrmidon in CC, he did cut down the Myrmidon but Atalanta managed to put a bullet through Ajax to bring him down. (despite the negatives for him being in combat!)

Turn 3:
Atalanta become the new Co and managed to kill Achilles who failed a dodge. With only a Myrmidon left for the Steel Phalanx they were unable to get stop me from taking the far two zones while he took my zone.

Achilles to train the RecruitsAchilles to train the RecruitsAchilles to train the RecruitsAchilles to train the Recruits

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