Control of Flamia Island

Stefans first Nomad Game

VS Nomads

We decided to play Quadrant Controll from the Rulebook. Stefan won the first turn. I deployed my army covered. Stefan hacked the two Consoles on his side He had his LT, two Intruders, two Tomcats and his Dactary on his right. So he moved his Intruders into his right Quadrant. On his left side the TR Remote moved on the Rooftop and was shot by Le Muet. Bäm. The Alguaciles Fireteam moved into the Building/Quadrant. Stefan moved his Engineer over his Deployment Zone to heal his loved Remote. His turn was over. In my turn I kept the Two Consoles on my side and moved my Troops into the Quadrants. In the next Round we shot at each other I lost one of my Kossuil Fireteam and Stefan lost his HMG Alguaciles and his Dactari. The last Turn of Stefan was short. He shot a couple of times at Le Muet to have free space to move and killed him with his last Order. I managed to shot the Bandit death and moved with my second Kossuil Fireteam into Stefans left Quadrant and won the Game.

Stefans first Nomad GameStefans first Nomad GameStefans first Nomad GameStefans first Nomad GameStefans first Nomad Game

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