Control of Flamia Island

Embarrassed at Antela

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Yu Jing
VS Combined Army

Cut and pasted from opponents report as I did so badly I can not stand to dwell on it.

The evening’s mission was unknown – the list was cobbled together using the highly strategical ‘hey let’s grab these guys and see what happens’ methodology.

The Combined Army was ready for anything and were literally chomping at the doors of the transport vehicles as they got dropped off at the mystery location.

The sign said ‘Camp something or other’ but the Morat Lt. Munkee barely glanced at it, all he cared about were his orders – and his orders were to control the quadrant. The joy of battle foremost in his mind, he signalled to his platoon “move up, kill anything you see”.

Eager to obey their commanders orders, they did exactly that. With a bloodthirsty snarl the Daturazi and Pretas charged forward, avoiding enemy fire as their blitzkrieg attack surged forwards with murderous chain rifle fire obliterating all in their way. The Preta’s took some return hits, but they fell to the dirt with what could only be described as a smile fixed on their misshapen faces.

Under cover of smoke the Yu Jing hidden deployment troop tried to fight back killing a shrouded hacker, but failed to make enough of an impact. Once the smoke cleared, the area filled with the Krack, Krack, Krack, Krack! of the Noctifer’s spitfire as it came out of the shadows and annihilated the enemy Lt in retribution.

The Morat Lt. uttered a single word into his comms device. In almost immediate response the infamous Ko Dali dropped in silently behind the two Arugato Bikes, shooting them both dead at point blank range. As she feasted on their remains, she idly placed a D-charge and surveyed the battlefield.

Checking his watch, Lt. Munkee was visibly pleased. A new personal record for his squad – mission achieved in half the time command had expected – if this didn’t earn him the title of Big Boss Banana nothing would.

End result – Yu Jing wiped out turn 2. Quadrants controlled, D-charge objective complete.

Combined Army

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