Control of Flamia Island

Operation: Frozen Guardian

VS Yu Jing

Mt Skillion has been hit repeatedly in the last few hours by Combined Army units. Worryingly, the Imperial Secret Service, our constant nemesis, seems to be using the attacks as cover for their own Ops. Hexagon Intel has tagged a Yu Jing team fitting the profile of the ones that hit Echo One Five at SAGRES. All Mountain troops are tied down in sustained operations against EI forces at the front. Zulu Lance is to be pulled from refit-rotation to terminate our hated foe.

+++18:21 LOCAL+++
Magisters of Zulu Lance took position at jump-off point just out side the DZ when they fell under enfilading fire from Hac Tao in Ambush. Paramedic was first casualty of the cowardly missile strike. Visible Yu Jing signatures limited. Situation Profile indicating Multiple Airborne drops right onto the battle space / OR a repeat of the heavy use of ThermoOptic Camo from the SAGRES debacle. The one visible Hac Tao retired under heavy missile fire, and Zulu Lance to the left, and Lt Diaz to the right, advanced on the first waypoints.

+++18:27 LOCAL+++
Progress inhibited by mountainous terrain on all but left side. Easiest approach contained corridors allowing swift advance but also bottlenecks on a known path; and probable further ambushes. Visible Yu Jing forces pushed back by heavy fire. Hostiles made to range in a guided missile REM but enemy FO was Terminated by Brother-Sniper Angelos. Brother-Observer Sebastien spooked a likely Yu Jing Ninja to the right and drove it to ground. Another Yu Jing infiltrator revealed to the left and expertly negotiated terrain to sync a nearby Antenna. Another of his fellows to the right utilised Airborne insertion in an attempt to reinforce the Ninja. However he was caught in the open and Lt Diaz terminated him with a Spitfire Volley.

+++18:34 LOCAL+++
With a firmer grasp of enemy dispositions, the order was given to advance. Another Magister was lost going over the roof but his fellow worked his way through the corridors. A Sierra HMG REM was set on station by Zulu Lance to keep this vital avenue clear. The heavy fire on the rooftop approach necessitated the redeployment of Brother-Sniper Angelos to once more kill or drive off the Yu Jing Heavy Infantry. This was unsuccessful but they did succeed in claiming more ground over half-way and a Pathfinder REM synced a nearby COMS access jack. However, the right remained locked down and the Hospitaller push stalled.

+++18:38 LOCAL+++
The pivot to a defensive stance paid early dividends as a number of Yu Jing Infiltrators were eliminated trying to unpick the careful defences prepared by Lt Diaz. As their losses mounted, they fed more troops but were hampered by a lack of heavy weapons to support a counter-attack.

+++18:43 LOCAL+++
At this point in the battle, there were few decisions to make. Lt Diaz and the remnants of the shattered Zulu Lance were Frenzied. In practice, this meant their fury carried them forward, leapfrogging the assets positioned to support their attacks. The last member of Zulu Lance set himself on the roof beside Brother-Sniper Angelos, over watching the area where they knew the deadly Hac Tao cowered. To the right Lt Diaz trained his Spitfire in the direction of one Yu Jing infiltrator while Brother-Observer Sebastien worked around so he could cover the approach from the other Ninja in their immediate area.

+++18:49 LOCAL+++
The dregs of the Yu Jing Imperial detachment desperately attempted to dislodge the Hospitallers from their commanding position. One Ninja did manage to close on Brother-Observer Sebastien and eliminate him in close combat. His fellow attempted to also assassinate Lt Diaz but the Santiago Knight, though wounded in the firefight, gunned him down. Likewise, the last surviving Hac Tao died rushing the Sniper and Magister Knight on the left flank.

Heavy casualties have called into question the practice of concentrating the Warrior-Sage Magister Knights in fire teams. Performance was overall acceptable in light of the unfriendly terrain and extensive use of Yu Jing misdirection and infiltration. With the threat from our would-be ‘allies’ neutralised, proper attention can be directed to suppressing EI combatants in-theatre.

Sitrep Tagged: Pyrrhic Victory.



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