Control of Flamia Island

Crushing the Incursion

Combined Army
VS Haqqislam

The comms lit up and again we’re rapidly deployed; this time to deal with an incursion from the Haqq-Islam. They were coming in hot so there was barely enough time to deploy the troops before they were on top of us.

The Lasiq sniper was the first to act quickly putting one of the Unidron Batroids out of action before we knew what was happening. A human hacker quickly took control of the nearby antenna. The Maghariba lumbered forward taking aim at what it thought was the larger threat killing the Kurgat engineer, but another Unidron lined him up across the field and the plasma burst that enveloped him left the machine teetering. The Ghulam infantrymen carrying the HMG took aim at the Medchanoid hitting the creature but his armour held and he ducked out of sight. The Najjarun engineer headed to repair the TAG but the Malignos hacker sprang from hidden deployment taking the man out. The Tuareg doctor then moved to bring the doctor up and another human fell to the combi rifle fire. Finally getting frustrated the Maghariba pulled back and tried to burn the Shasvastii out, but he proved to be too nimble while the return fire from the Sogarat’s Feuerbach does it’s work and the TAG crashes to the ground in-operable.

With the one flank collapsed the Umbra began his hunt stalking the HMG toting Ghulam dropping the man to the ground. He then swiftly crossed the remaining distance performing a Coup de Grace as instructed by the alien overlord. While this was happening the Med Tech took control of the nearby antenna evening the control of the field. The Fraacta hacker then dropped in close to the central antenna waiting for an opportunity to strike. The Sogarat began sending fire toward the Janissary driving the man diving to get out of the Morat’s firing line. Finally the Umbra moved to close down any advances from the Haqq-Islamic Lasiq.

The Ghulam doctor then began a desperate race across the installation in an effort to get the Najjarun back on his feet so he could get the Maghariba running again. After an amazing run with rounds from various Combined Army soldiers flying around him the valiant man finally pushed his luck too far as he made it to the feet of his patient and ended up slumped across his fallen comrade, yet another casualty to the Malignos’s combi rifle.

It was time to push, the Haqq-Islam were starting to break and it wasn’t going to take much to send them packing. The Sogarat began a slow methodical advance, firing as he went with the Janissary catching a round caving in it’s armour sending the man crashing to the ground dead. Not content with just driving the enemy off the Morat continued his advance and after several exchanged shots the Ghulam sniper was added to the aliens kill total. This finally opened a clear field for the Fraacta to gain control of the central antenna and the drop trooper quickly did so. The Umbra then decided to advance on the Lasiq and seeing as both of their shots were unable to find their targets the alien charged although luckily for the sniper his armour held up against the deadly blade.

The Combined Army were left with the installation still firmly in their clutches and watched as the few remaining broken Haqq-Islamic soldiers fled the field. It would be a while before they dared show their face here again.

Victory for the EI!!

Crushing the IncursionCrushing the IncursionCrushing the IncursionCrushing the IncursionCrushing the IncursionCrushing the IncursionCrushing the Incursion
Combined Army

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