Control of Flamia Island

On The Tabling of USAriadna...

Combined Army
VS Ariadna

The Biotechvore plague we unleashed upon Mt Skillion ravaged the weak humans.

We interrupted communications, and the USAriadnans were unable to Coordinate well in their opening maneuvers as we assaulted their position. Several would fall to the nano-virus, and their leader was felled by a lucky shot from the Q-Drone as they tried to escape the clouds of death. Many humans fell to the Biotechvore plague.

The Daturazi ran headlong toward the enemy, dropping smoke to cover the EI’s advance. The Charontid shot through the smoke, trying to put down a Minuteman who was suppressing the west flank. Eventually, all EI forces escaped the Danger Zone except for one Imetron that was left standing in the Deployment Zone. But it passed its BTS rolls on turn one!

The Q-drone advanced around a central building and blasted apart a couple Minutemen. An Ikadron ate a deployed mine as it entered Flamethrower range, and both the Foxtrot and Ikadron passed their ARM rolls.

That meant the Q-Drone had to eliminate the Foxtrot as well. The Charontid advanced and murdered the Dozer. On the east flank, the Kurgat got into an ineffectual firefight with a rifle-wielding Grunt who forgot that he also packed a Heavy Flamethrower.

And so on. In the end, the Medchanoid, both Ikadrons and one Imetron had fallen. But all that remained on the USAriadna side was a lone Camo marker at the top of the central building.

The Charontid entered the building, made his way to the elevator, and pushed the button for Going Up. At the top, he auto-discovered and blasted the Foxtrot to bits with his Heavy Pistol.

This area of Mt Skillion had been completely vaccinated from the Human disease.

Skeary was a great opponent, laughing all the way through this very rough outing for him. If you’re ever in Vegas, try to get a game in with Skeary, Ross, Fat Detective, JT and the guys. Good people!

On The Tabling of USAriadna...On The Tabling of USAriadna...On The Tabling of USAriadna...On The Tabling of USAriadna...On The Tabling of USAriadna...On The Tabling of USAriadna...
Combined Army

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