Control of Flamia Island

Troubleshooting the AI

Yu Jing

Turn 1 (STEEL PHALANX) : The Aleph take the first turn, advancing with Achilles. This creates a number of ARO opportunities and an Oniwaban attempts to engage, fails, and dies. Achilles takes 2 wounds from the Domaru squad through activations. A Myrmidon unit activates and Phoenix dies to a double crit from the Domaru Spitfire. Achilles enters the objective room, Kitsune reveals herself and fires her Nanopulser while the Domaru continue shooting dropping Achilles.

Eudoras fires his heavy rocket launcher, killing a paramedic and wounding 2 Domarus. The return fire from the Spitfire and pistols, in turn, kill Eudoras.

Turn 1 (JSA) : Yojimbo advances and tosses smoke to cover the western approach. A Keisotsu Paramedic rushes into the objective room, steals a data pack, runs back, and uploads the data. Kitsune charges through the smoke and dies from a failed CC against a line troop Myrmidon. A paramedic revives her and she returns, still engaged.

Turn 2 (STEEL PHALANX): The engaged Myrmidon activates and dies against Kitsune. This allows the Aleph to fire chain rifles into the advancing JSA line, killing both Kitsune and the paramedic. The Koalas take out two more Myrmidons.

Turn 2 (JSA): Yojimbo dismounts and throws more smoke. He decides to guard the objective room. A paramedic rushes in, takes another data pack, and uploads the data, scoring 2 more points for the JSA.

Turn 3 (Steel Phalanx): Having lost all but 3 models and most of the specialists and being in Retreat on the third turn, the Aleph decide to concede control of the medical facility. JSA wins 5-0.

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Yu Jing

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