Control of Flamia Island

The Hammer Falls

VS Nomads
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Father Knight Niccolo could feel rather than hear the footsteps of the Jotum as it moved into position on the left flank. Just to the left of the enormous TAG, Niccolo could make out the form Lt. Raddizch, his bulky ORC armor overshadowed by the huge war machine. Specialist Torvald indicated by a series of comm clicks that he had assumed his overwatch position. Further comms traffic indicated that Master sergeant Kalkat’s transport was nearly in position to drop the commando for his HALO jump. Finally, the Fusiliers had moved into position just south of Antenna 1, their first objective. They were ready for their attack on the Nomad complex.

The first exchange of fire happen rapidly. Torvald began cursing, something about his visor being disrupted, just before a missile shot from a nearby building. A wet crack could be heard, and Torvald fell silent. In the later withdrawal from the combat zone, very little could be found of the Nisse sniper, a shattered crater on the roof where he had stood was all that marked his passing.

The Jotum’s targeting system triangulated the position of the assailant who had fired the missile. The TAG opened fire with its multi HMG, saturating the area with armor piercing rounds. It was enough to force the bearer of the missile launcher to go to ground for a time.
Niccolo and Knight Hospitaler Jerrod sprinted toward the fortified building where intelligence had indicated Antenna 2 was located. The knights took up stances on either side of the south-facing door, as Jerrod began to work on the controls to gain entry.

Stomping boots, sporadic fire, and vulgar epithets could be heard from the Nomad positions on the far side of the complex, but no substantial fire harried the Niccolo’s unit.

Master sergeant Kalkat hit the ground running on the eastern edge of the facility. His combi-rifle immediately snapped up and he put a precisely controlled pair of shots into an unsuspecting Aguicile atop a nearby building. Kalkat sprinted foward, then dynamically moved around the corner or a building, bringing two more Aquicile into his line of sight. Another series of controlled rounds dropped them as they spun from the antenna console they were working on. A wash of heat and light burst in front of Kalkat, a Nomad Spectr had tried to catch him with a burst from a flame unit, but the shot fell short. Kalkat shifted to the left, took up a firing stance, and dropped the Spectr. Kalkat almost made it clear of the street and into the lee of the objective building, when another missile streaked across the battlefield. He had not time to react, and the explosive round caught him in the hip, blowing him apart with enough force to blast a battle tank apart.

Niccolo heard the sound of the second missile being fired. The guttural whoop of success told him that he would have another candle to light in remembrance of a fallen comrade. Niccolo next heard the staccato roar of the Jotum’s multi HMG. “Target Eliminated” flashed across Niccolo’s visor, indicating that the mechanical giant had finally brought down the Nomad missile launcher. Jerrod indicated that he was prepared to breach the door. Niccolo took up position, with Jerrod stacked behind him. On Jerrod’s electronic command the doors to the facility jerked open, and the two knights made dynamic entry into the facility. As Niccolo crossed the room, he peered out the north-facing door. A Nomad hacker had silhouetted herself atop the building housing Antenna 3. Niccolo put her down with a quick pair of shots to her torso. The two knights secured the room and began the process of accessing the Antenna control.

Little else was heard from the Nomad positions. The Pan Oceania forces completed their mission and withdrew in good order, unable to take their fallen with them.


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