Control of Flamia Island

Mountain Duel

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VS Haqqislam
Sgt. Schultz

Mountain terrain really changes how this scenario plays out, especially when you don’t make a list specifically for it.

We tied on quadrants turns 1 and 3, Nomads had more quadrants turn 2. (4 points to Nomads, 2 to Haqq). Haqq hacked 3 consoles, Nomads hacked one, which Haqq had already hacked. Haqq won the roll-off after the game, with 3 surviving specialists v. Nomads two (Moran FO, Wildcat Engineer). Nomads completed Data Scan, leading to a 5-5 tie.

Brief highlights, since work is intense this week and time is short.
Turn 1: Yuan Yuan drops in, disperses. Another drops in advances, then dies to lots of fire, killing no one. 5-man Ghulam Fire Team (HMG as the leader) takes out Grenzer sniper, but Morlock (who had rolled for +3PH) drops smoke to protect Stempler and himself. It’s hard to beat B5. Al Hawwa grabs objective in my half of the table. Haqq FO REM grabs another, but then gets dropped by a koala. Azrail STRUGGLES to advance into scoring zone (Very Difficult terrain combined with MOV 4-2 equals EL OH EL). Najjarun grabs 3rd objective. Al Hawwa then threatens Moran, doesn’t kill anything, but shrugs off a koala.

Morlock impetuous advances and drops smoke. Attackes Al Hawwa, but dies. Moran kills Al Hawwa, grabs the same console. Tsyklon advances and drops markers to ward off Azra’il. Other Nomad troops shuffle around, some die.

Odalisques Haris advance and, with contender, take out the other console on my half of the table. Haqq repositions and fortifies control of board. Hellcat successfully drops into Haqq backfield, boarding shotguns Al Waziri. Advances more and takes Azrail from behind. A prolonged exchange takes the Azrail unconscious, but not dead. This allows me to take 3 quadrants in turn 2.

Ghulam doc and nasmat heal Azrail, even though the Hellcat blows up the nasmat. Azrail positions itself to guard quadrant. Tries to take out Hellcat, fails. Hellcat goes prone. The very difficult terrain limits my options for the bottom of turn 3. Haqq has more consoles (2 plus 1 contested), but I got my classified (Data Scan). Haqq can’t get Secure HVT as long as I don’t move my Moran FO (which I don’t). Interventor makes a break for a console, dies. Taking stock of the situation, I control one quadrant for sure, contest another, and can only get a third if I kill the Azrail. So the Hellcat pops up and eats an HMG round. However, my Stempler gives me enough points to tie with Haqq on quadrants. Rolling off for the contested console, Haqq wins on a crit.

Overall a fun game, I really like the tough decisions that very difficult terrain puts in front of players.

Mountain DuelMountain DuelMountain DuelMountain DuelMountain DuelMountain DuelMountain DuelMountain Duel

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