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Suck it, pan-o!

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Today a played my last games of Operation Flamestrike. My archnemesis General Cabaray organized a small flamestrike/ITS tournament at his local gaming store. Unfortunately due to the timing only 2 opponents showed up. We had a blast any way.

So again, since I’m short on time, I’ll keep it short:

We played Highly classified at Zhurong (My choice!). I took the initiative and set up first. Since most of the open objectives were focussed on the HVT I put mine behind cover and with my Moran right next to it. My opponent placed his at the far left, where I didnt have any troops.

So with the first order my Tomcat drops in and claims HVT inoculation!. Then he popped his nasty supprise: a specialist order sergeant with a MSR and right when I wanted to mow down his HMG fusilier with my Reaction Zond, which blew up… in my face. This set the tone of the game. A lot of shots and ARO winning. With crits, load of crits. So moving on. I moved my Stempler Zond forward to FO his Seraph. But again my Zond bit the dust. Which totally ruinied my plans for grabbing the other objectives (HVT: designation and data scan). I moved up my linkteam which resulted in a wound on my MB HMG :(. But then the hurting stopped.

My oppentents turn went the same only vice versa! His seraph had a lot of trouble gaining ground on my mobile brigadas even taking some damage in the process. He burned all his orders on this. My turn again. And also luck turned again. I lost my MB HMG, LT due to ARO crits. A desperate atempt with my MB with BS resulted is both canceling eachothers hits due to crits (I was sooo happy rolling mine), which prombtly ended with a sniper shot to the head. His Seraph took a wide arc around the centre and manged to clear most of my troops. With only 2 order to spend my opponent realises he put me in retreat and i’m in the lead on points. Another ordersergent apeared and designated my HVT. An attempt on data scan failed due to PAN-O sucky WIP scores! close call!

So I had Loss of Lt and Retreat. Luckily I managed to spent my last 2 command tokens to make 2 regular orders. My Vertigo moved up and with my last order I managed A no-so-SMART-missile hit on his Seraph, taken it and the spec. Order sgt down in the process!. Unfortunately I moved half an Inch to far back to claim secure the HVTs.

The game ended in a 2-2 meatgrinder. Which was very enjoyable.

Thanks for reading. Here is the link to the other battlereport a had today:

Suck it, pan-o!Suck it, pan-o!Suck it, pan-o!

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