Control of Flamia Island

PanOceanian Forces Crush First Defense Lines at Antela

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VS PanOceania

This was the first game of our Flamestrike Night in our Gaming Club – Supplies. Again versus Sebastian. Again PanO. Again Antela. ….


Lieutenant Pat Books was raging. Again the Ariadnan Borders where violated by that overweening PanOceanian foreces. This time it was a warband of Military Orders and they came with knight over knights. Due to bad weather conditions at the Camp (it was raining the last 5 days without any pause) his Scout Grunts were not able to get into good positions [Again failed all 4 infiltration rolls!!!!] so they needed to advance from the edges of the camp towards the foe. Suddenly – a Order Sergeant Forward Observer revealed himself on a great firing position in the middle of the Camp (obviusly they had no problems with weather conditions…) and opened fire. The Grunt team dodged successfully while the Devil Dog team took care of the Order Sergeant with a burst of their Chainrifle. “Proceed advancing the PanO lines” the Grunts communicated and made their Heavy Flamethrowers ready. They jumped out of cover and opened fire just to recognize that the Magister Knights already expected them – a Heavy Rocket blasted both of them back to Dawn… “Heavy weapons in position” Lt. Books gave orders and the HMG Team advanced towards the knights. They made contact and the HMG roared when it fired hundreds of bullets into one of the Knights. This one was a tough one … he skillfully doged most of the bullets and the rest did not pierce his armor at all [30 Shots of a HMG in a 5 man Link Team on one Magister in cover – 1 wound!!]. Slowly, very slowly a bad feeling came up in Pat when he saw his Devil Dog falling against two of the other Magister Knights who shot him down when the Dogs tried to cut off their ways…

Then, the armored knights made their march towards the Heavy Weapon team and with one skilled shot of a Shotgun, three of the Grunts fell unconscious heavily wounded. The counter fire was able to wound the knights as well but those killing machines seemed to be unstoppable today so they proceeded and also the last two Grunts fell to the Shotgun fire. At this point – Pat was SURE that this was not going to go well… A fast remote with Forward Observing skills approached one of the Antennas and shot down the Special Operations forces.

Pat was freaking out! “What the hell do they think they are?? Some kind of Super Humans of the 40th millennium? Some kind of Space Terminators??” – he yelled into the Coms “Don´t give up one inch! Fight till the last one of them is lying in this f** muddy shit of a ground here!” This was the hour of the Foxtrott who took out the PanO remote and was able to secure one of the Antennas. Then he advanced up to place some mines before he went back into Cover. Pat sent his last soldiers to fight the Knights who still held the Camp completely. Again flamers and shotguns were fired on them, again, not a single of these Magisters kissed the floor.

PanOceania now sent their own specialists into the Camp to secure the Antennas which was successful even under fire of the last remaining Grunt. Two of the three Signals were taken when again the Knights came to action and took down the last Grunt with Flamethrowers….

It was not possible for Pat then to stay at his relatively safe command position. “If you want something to be done right, do it your own.” he stepped out of cover and opened fire on one of the knights with his Rifle…. Just to get a full burst of Panzerfausts in his face which ripped him apart before he even recognized what happened. Again, time for the Foxtrot who stepped out of Cover to perform the classified actions before again, hiding in the deep Jungles.

The Knights tried to hunt down the Foxtrott but he was gone…. Completely shocked by what just happened to his comrades and his Lieutenant. This must have been a dream… A rainy nightmare with Magister Knight Monsters…

PanOceanian Forces Crush First Defense Lines at AntelaPanOceanian Forces Crush First Defense Lines at AntelaPanOceanian Forces Crush First Defense Lines at AntelaPanOceanian Forces Crush First Defense Lines at AntelaPanOceanian Forces Crush First Defense Lines at AntelaPanOceanian Forces Crush First Defense Lines at Antela

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