Control of Flamia Island

Fire in the Jungle

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VS PanOceania

After Lieutenant Viktor Ratschov has slain the PanOceanian forces at Zhurong Power Plant (http://flamestrike.warconsole.com/battles/wingman-vs-sebastian-1457161745) he got commanded to defend Camp Antela which was attacked heavily by PanOceanian foreces these days.

Immediately Victor assembled his Jungle affine troops and advanced towards to Jungle of Antela. When he arrived, he recognized that the PanOceanian forces already were in position… His Scouts and Infiltrators had no chance to advance to the PanOceanian base but only positioned directly in the camp when the first mine detonated and torn one of the SAS troops appart. “Heavy fire incoming!!” Marauder Sergeant Jake L. Meyers yelled at Vicotor when he spotted a Nisse Sniper and a Bagh Mari HMG troop in perfect shot positions. “Take them out, Spetsnaz”, Victor ordered when suddenly TO camouflaged troopers appeared everywhere! It was a massaker – on both sides! The Jungle was stuffed with fire and bullets, any step could have been the last. Together, the Marauder and Spetsnaz where able to take down a Swiss Guard before the Spetsnaz fell by a bullet of the HMG.

“Full advance, take them by surprise, flame down the positions!!” Victor gave the orders and the battle hardened veterans of Dawn did like orderd. They approached the enemy, took life and gave their lifes for protecting the Camp. Scouts and SAS fought shoulder on shoulder, Chasseurs flamed their way through the Jungle and the feared Antipodes unleashed their fury … but in the end, the position of the PanOceanian forces was too good. Soldier after Soldier of Victors troops fell against the Bagh Mari and Mines when he gave his most difficult orders… “Retreat!! Fall back into the Jungle! This time… the PanO´s won!”

Even after this command the PanOceanian forces did not let off the Ariadnan forces. They shot them in their backs like gutless **** and took down more of the brave Ariadnan soldiers. “I will come back”, Victor promised, “and then, revenge will be mine!!”

Fire in the JungleFire in the JungleFire in the JungleFire in the Jungle

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