Control of Flamia Island

Pressing the Fight in Onza

VS Combined Army
Ryguy Morat

After his initial success in Onza, Lt Mohamed pressed his forces into clearing more hallways. Bolstered by reinforcements of Govads he hoped to secure enough of a beachead to allow the rest of Humanity to rush their forces in here.

Hussein Al’Djabel managed to infiltrate the enemy lines but was quickly discovered and taken out of action. Witch Soldiers then advanced on the hallways taken by the Ghazi downing them fairly easy. Mohamed quickly surmised that the Morat had been reinforced as well by a team of Rodoks. With Hussein out and 3 of his Ghazi down he knew he would have to gamble everything on a push.

He led the push himself killing the Yaogat on the far end of the hallway before finishing off 2 Witch Soldiers bleeding at his feet. The Govad team, backed up by a Daylami proceeded up the right hallway to run smack into the Rodok Team. Outnumbered 5 to 3, the Govads put up a good fight killing 3 of the Rodoks before being wiped out. Both sides were bruised and battered but it was the Morat who held this part of the station. Lt. Mohamed led his weakened troops back down the hallways to regroup and meet up with more Haqqislam soldiers. They might have lost this fight, but they would be back for more!

Pressing the Fight in OnzaPressing the Fight in OnzaPressing the Fight in OnzaPressing the Fight in OnzaPressing the Fight in Onza
Combined Army
Ryguy Morat

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