Control of Flamia Island

Broken Curse

Yu Jing
Rohan Demonheart
VS Ariadna
Rufus Blade

I have finally won the Coffin Raider mission. The first to two times against my Ariadna opponent went horrible bad for me by end of each game. He once again won the leadership roll and choose to keep the Initiative, just like the last two times with this mission. This time however I had learned from my previous mistakes after reflecting upon what I did wrong previously. The first two missions I had tried to get my best agent (a ninja hacker) into the center control room in the first turn which always resulted in her being killed off by multiple attackers shooting into the center room. I realized that I needed to thin out the enemies ARO fire into the center room by thinning out the enemy troops with LOF into the room. This time I used my Japanese sectorial army’s TAG to swing around the side slowly whittling away his troops facing the control room. I also spent lots of command tokens early on for Combined orders to move groups of specialist troops toward the control room. I did not try to enter the room on the first turn. With a my TAG on one flank and Karakuri robot with Mk 12 gun overlooking the other flank my opponent lost quite a few troops from my AROs. At the beginning of my second turn I was using my TAG to clear out the worst threats to my troops that would enter the center control room. By the end of my second turn I felt safe enough to rush into to the center room with a 4 specialist troops using my last command token, while downloading at least one data packet with my last order. It turned out my thinning of his forces had been a little bit too effective as he declared to be in a state of retreat starting his turn thus ending the game before I could use my third turn to score even more victory points. He got one objective point from is secret objective which was the generic substitute one, while I got 1 point for a downloaded data pack a second point for having more medical data packs than my opponent.

Broken CurseBroken CurseBroken CurseBroken CurseBroken CurseBroken CurseBroken CurseBroken Curse
Yu Jing
Rohan Demonheart

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  • No.33 says:

    A good learning experience is always appreciated.

    Sometimes a big rock is indeed the right tool for the job.

  • Greysturm says:

    Sounds like a masacre, well done. Keep the wins coming!