Control of Flamia Island

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Monks

Yu Jing
VS Yu Jing
Roy Batty

This was our second HS N3 battle; a rematch between Roy Batty and me using the new Civilian rescue scenario. He swapped out his army list to an ISS list featuring Duo linked Su Jian. I decided to go with vanilla and try my Hac Tao KHD/Monk list. Roy Batty choose to go first and I’ll admit I don’t have strong ARO in this list. I placed my Raiden HRL in a *decent* but not great place to ARO, and I basically just used his mine as a sort of ambush camo. Later I found out that worked when Roy Batty mentioned he thought my mine was a Guilang sniper. I don’t think it’s going to work for very long though as everyone begins to learn that the Raiden has minelayer now.

Anyway, on Roy Batty’s first turn he came at me hard with the Su Jian. He came in a direction where I didn’t have any strong ARO’s. My only ARO was the Weibing, which flash pulsed his Heavy Shotgun Su Jian (it wasn’t the link leader and I wanted a non face to face roll). I successfully stunned him! Even though the weibing was knocked unconscious by the Su Jian spitfire, I think this turned out to be huge. Because he was able to get into my deployment zone with both his Su Jian on that first turn. The spitfire did some damage, but it didn’t do nearly as much damage as the heavy shotgun would have done. He knocked out my EVO hacker and my aforementioned Weibing, but I was able to get a smoke dodge down to protect my monks and my celestial guard was able to make a lucky armor save and duck back into a building out of line of fire. He moved his own evo hacker and weibing up to try and take a civilian but I ARO’d with my rocket launcher and knocked out his EVO hacker. He managed to knock out my Raiden with his Weibing though.

My turn began fairly low on orders in my primary group — because of my Hac Tao’s hidden deployment I was down to 5. And because most of them were unconscious instead of dead I wasn’t able to move kuang shi over to fill the group back up. My turn began with my impetuous monks, of course, and my primary objective was to get smoke down. The first charged the spitfire su jian and failed the face to face and went unconscious. My second monk got the smoke down, however. Then my third and fourth monks ran impetuously into the smoke. Now using their irregular orders I was able to use the smoke to get into base to base contact with the spitfire su jian by dropping stealth and forcing him to react to me breaking his zone of control and then using my second skill to get in base to base. All three of my monks were able to engage him that way, the last doing so on the first skill so that I could martial arts 3 him. He tried to dodge out of CC but with CC 25 and burst 3 I killed him (a crit, a failed armor save, and he’d already taken 1 wound). I used two regular orders to do move two monks in base to base with the shotgun Su Jian. Then I shifted over to my primary group and healed my EVO hacker. I moved my EVO hacker within hacking range of the shotgun Su Jian, but that also put me in range of the Weibing’s repeater. His Celestial Guard hacker tried to brain blast me so I brain blasted back through the enemy repeater. Despite suffering firewall mods I crit him with the brain blast. I moved out my Rui Shi to knock out the Weibing. I was pretty low on that first order group now so I decided to go back to the monks. I used a regular order to move my last Monk into base to base with the Su Jiang and once again attacked with CC 25 and burst 3. I killed the second Su Jian.

Roy Batty moved his rui shi up to assassinate my monks, who were out in the open now (and couldn’t even smoke dodge because of MSV 2). They gave their lives heroically, I mean jeez, they took out two Su Jian! Then Roy Batty revealed a ninja khd who tried to grab a civilian. At this point I revealed my Hac Tao KHD who happened to be in hacking range of the ninja, and I ARO’d with both him and my EVO hacker. The ninja split his burst and knocked out my EVO Hacker (all the way to unconsciousness 2 iirc) but my Hac Tao nuked his brain.

On my second turn my Hac Tao moved out to coup de grace his Weibing, gaining extreme prejudice (2 points). Then my Rui Shi took a civilian back to my deployment zone (4 points).

Roy Batty counted his orders on his third turn and realized he couldn’t get a civilian so he conceded and we ended the game. Thanks again for the game Roy Batty as well as the awesome barbecue! If you want to link this battle its code is B41j2dt2WR7izr9

Crouching Tiger, Hidden MonksCrouching Tiger, Hidden MonksCrouching Tiger, Hidden Monks
Yu Jing

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