Control of Flamia Island

Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon

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VS Yu Jing

“Alpha Company, we have report of Yu Jing activity in your facinity, be advised! You are to retake the Tianxian spaceport.”

“I don’t see anybody,” Lt. Valeria pondered. “Alright, lads! Head out! Advance slow, keep to cover and keep an eye out for these emperor-loving fanatics. Gecko’s take both flanks.” “Sir, I spotted a lone sniper,” sgt. Lucia reported. “Target eliminated.” “Alpha Squad move to the central building!” RATATA! “Anna is down! Ninja’s on the roof,” Louisa jelled! “I’ll take care of those,” Rico (the intruder) responded and let his HMG rip. “Enemy Hac Tao spotted!” They seem to be coming out of thin air!” “Everybody into cover and suppress” Lt Valeria ordered! Was that panic in her eye lenses?

More heavy’s appeared on the scopes. “Taking fire from a Dao Fei from out of nowhere” Sgt. Baracus in his new Gecko reported! “Rico went down!” “They’re taking my koalas one by one,” Mubutu reported!” “They’re gaining ground! We have to push them back”

“I can’t seem to get that Dao Fei, that slippery b******,” sgt. Baracus called! While sgt. Lucia reported: “Engaging the Hac Tao. HE’S HIT! But now he’s gone to ground. I need repairs, tomcat!” “They’re holding ground, lads. Prepare for another push,” Lt. ordered.

“That Dao Fei is on the attack again,” Baracus said. “I’m still standing!” “It’s a trap,” yelled Liousa as she spotted multiple mines. “I’ll back you up, as soon as I get repaired” sgt. Lucia answered.

As soon as the Tomcat gave the OK, Sgt Lucia punched her Gecko forward behind enemy lines. “Come at me bro!”She called as she engaged and eliminated the Gui Feng on the roof. Then she darted the corner to trip the mines and surprise his colleague. “Clear!” She took on position to take on the Hac Tao, who went to ground.

Unbeknownst to her the Hac Tao crawled on to the next building. Out of sight. “Taking fire! Systems faili…,” sgt. Baracus shouted. BOOM the Gecko disappeared in a torrent of fire and sparks.

Yu Jing (RighteousEmperor) wins with 9 to 1 in VP. We played at Het Lab, Utrecht the Netherlands. Support your local gamestore!

Crouching Tiger, hidden dragonCrouching Tiger, hidden dragonCrouching Tiger, hidden dragonCrouching Tiger, hidden dragonCrouching Tiger, hidden dragonCrouching Tiger, hidden dragonCrouching Tiger, hidden dragonCrouching Tiger, hidden dragon
Yu Jing

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