Control of Flamia Island

Office supplies raid.

Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

Despite its relative isolated location, the island of Ozna was still subjected to raids by CA forces, one of which recently hit an inbound supply convoy for an 0-12 facility.

Tasked to salvage as much of the supplies as possible (the scenario played being Supplies), Unit No.33 encountered scavengers from Haqqislam forces already on-site (the Red Kris Company), and proceeded to seize the initiative. Despite experiencing comms interference, a Gŭi Láng managed to claim a boxe and retreated back towards our lines, covered by the Dào Fěi Lt and the Tiger harassing the enemy backlines. The scavengers for their part stole one of the boxes themselves, and made concerted effort to steal the middle box, though fortunately we managed to beat them off and it was subsequently claimed by the other Gŭi Láng. The stray Krakot supporting this mission caused much damage to the foe in particular, and would be recommended for future action.

Final score was 6-2 in our favour.

Yu Jing

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