Control of Flamia Island

Useless Criminal Scum

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VS Yu Jing

Razorsedge and I fought our eternal and bloody battle once again, bringing 300 point forces to bear at Mount Skillion. I decided that rather than my usual tactic of bringing as much firepower to the table as Razorsedge does, I’d try for sheer mass of numbers.

It didn’t work.

It didn’t work at _all_.

I deployed first and went first. Saladin v. Sun Tze wasn’t as entertaining as I thought since their Strategos nullifies each other’s, and I won the Initiative roll while Razorsedge failed it on an 18.

As per the way Kum and Ghazi should be used, I tore-ass across the board. Unfortunately, my cataclysmic charge of maniac berserkers fell prey to Sun Tze with a sniper rifle. He killed so. Many. Kum. He killed 6 of them on their first move. I kept actually landing smoke shots for defense, but was consistenly beaten in the F2F roll. It was shocking, since normally Razorsedge’s luck swings wildly from “Mayor of Crit-Town” to “King of Sucky Dice Mountain”. I lost fully half of my models to Sun Tze sitting on top of a tower and killing everything he saw. The sole moment of hope I had was when Kasym was able to peg Sun Tze with a panzerfaust, but Sun Tze passed 2 of the 3 saves and Kasym then died to a different Yu Jing shooter with a missile launcher. Yu Jing spent most of their orders trying to kill my Halqa infantry, first via missiles and then via the humble combirifle. It was like a shooting gallery. At the end of Turn 1 Yu Jing forces just buckled down.

Turn 2 had some entertaining moments. My Ghazi did shockingly well – I was able to knock several Yu Jing troopers in to Isolated states, shattering fireteams. I even managed to do so to Sun Tze himself, which caused Yu Jing to begin their Turn 2 in Loss of Lieutenant (or LOL).

Turn 3 had me try one last Hail Mary play. I had my Tuareg Hacker reveal himself and go on a bit of a killing spree. I actually managed to kill Sun Tze with a barrage of rifle fire from across the board, and then moved on to kill a few more of his Light Infantry. The Tuareg’s rampage was finally ended by the clever tactic of “hitting him with a missile”. My turn was well over, and Yu Jing just had to sit back and light ’em up since he had me by a huge points margin. He didn’t have enough orders, nor really the desire, to run across the board and try to kill my Odalisques or Saladin. In the end, a sweeping victory for Yu Jing.

The pictures, in order:

Saladin, his lady friends, and the criminal scum they thought it would be wise to bring to this fight.

A shot of the second command group.

Team photo!

Yu Jing team photo! So shiny!

Battlefield view. My deployment was on the left.

Battlefield view. My deployment was on the bottom.

A shot of my deployment. Sun Tze, Destroyer of Worlds, can be seen in the upper left on his Murder Tower.

A shot of Yu Jing deployment. Kind of a bad shot.

Sun Tze and the rolls that had him shrug off a panzerfaust hit.

My Halqa in the middle. Why I deployed them there is a decision I’ll never understand. You can see the Yu Jing that shot them to death in the upper right.

The first 6 Kum that moved, and the first 6 that died.

A weird shot of the Yu Jing deployment. This was just before I Isolated Sun Tze.

A shot of the first attempt to kill the Halqa. A missile hit.

But the Halqa survived it, mostly – those are their armour saves for the one on the right (the one in the middle dodged).

But then the Halqa were picked off by the Yu Jing on the upper right.

The Ghazi in the lower left, edging around the ramp to do some good ol’ fashioned electronic warfare. Those green markers represented mines that blew the Ghazi in to gibbets.

The Tuareg Hacker in the lower right. He went on to kill the Yu Jing in the middle-right of the shot before being blasted by a missile. Razorsedge loves his missiles, which I fully support as a tactic.

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Yu Jing

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  • Daniel Darko says:

    Thumbs up for this report.

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Oof. I know those feels.

  • thepoorman says:

    I actually didn’t use any coordinated orders, which I didn’t realize until well after the fact. I was kicking myself because I could have saved myself a world of hurt.

  • TRA852 says:

    Commiserations! Looks like your army had a lot of irregular orders; how did this affect your tactics? Also, did you attempt any combined moves? However, with Sun Tzu running hot like that, you were always going to be on for a tough time.
    PS: The Yu Jing force need to get a better camouflage scheme than shiny metal.