Control of Flamia Island

Smoke on the water...

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VS Ariadna

Alright, so some annihilation in Camp Antela ordered! My opponent won the roll off and chose to counter deploy, and I decided to try and take the initiative and went first. Worth noting is that the Scout tried to Infiltrate on my side, but failed by one and was moved back to his board edge… actually he was hidden away behind a hill to cover up his shame, and he stayed there for the whole game…

It started great. My HMG Intruder moved up and took a surprise shot at the Veteran Kazak with the AP HMG which was pretty much the only visible model… and missed every single shot and went down instead. Bah. So I sent the Zondbot up, and actually was successful to bring the Intruder back on his feet! He was hungry for vengeance and went right back in there and brought down the Veteran Kazak this time. Achievement unlocked: REVENGE!
My Grenzer also managed to turn the Dogsoldier into his crazy mode, but other than that I couldn’t do much so just moved into ARO positions.

My opponent revealed that the Veteran Kazak was indeed his Lieutenant, so a bit of a tricky turn coming up for him. He tried to snipe my Iguana with the hidden missile launcher, but the Grenzer had his aim right at him and took him down. The Iguana shrugged the missile off. The Spetsnaz with HMG revealed and won the shootout with my HMG Intruder who went straight to dead thanks to Markmanship Lv2. Ouch. Other than that he couldn’t do much but shuffling around mostly. He did move up with his Antipodes on the bridge though, and two lucky Discover rolls revealed two of them. The Dog Warrior did some silly moves like only Extremely Impetious Troops can do. He also brought the Spetsnaz in behind a hill on my board edge.

I didn’t want to be any worse, so I brought in my Hellcat behind his lines. He found a really nice spot where nothing could see him come in, so I spent another order on him to move into cover and but a Boarding Shotgun at the Dog Warrior and one Antipode. The Antipode went down even. The Irmandinho who took the other shot survived no problem though.
My Grenzer took out another Antipode, and made sure that Missile Launcher wouldn’t stand up again.
My Iguana moved up and started having a firefight versus the HMG and Cateran with T2 Sniper. T2 Snipers hurt. Took two wounds off the Iguana right away, and hilarity ensued. The Ejection system triggered, and I failed my Ph-roll… and scattered 16″ towards my enemies deployment zone. This was actually a pretty damn good position for me (you can see in one of the pictures where the Iguana was, the template and far in the distance the Pilot…). As he ended up where he did he had a firefight with the Cateran who failed his Guts and went out of LoF. The Iguana Pilot turned around and took down the Spetsnaz that had come in last turn.
The Mobile Brigada started moving up to support the Iguana Pilot as well and took up a forward position, but couldn’t do much to the HMG due to all the poor visibility zones etc.

My opponents turn 2 saw the Dog Warrior make a huge super jump from the bridge towards my Hellcat… he was shot down in the process, but he still managed to Engage… because Infinity has some really weird rules.
Two models moved up on my left flank and were promptly shot down by the Mobile Brigada. None shall pass.
The Cateran and HMG Spetsnaz compete in who can fail the most rolls for a while. Eventually the the HMG manages to take a wound off the Mobile Brigada who unfortunately pass his guts roll. The Iguana is completely impossible to hit, despite his back being turned apparently.

My turn three, and I need to secure both HWTs to get my Classified, and fortunately for me my opponent was kind enough to place his right next to mine so I could secure both with one model. So I went up with my second Intruder, and managed to take down the HMG in the process with a lucky shot.
The Iguana Pilot tried taking down the Cateran sniper once again, but once again failed and he failed his guts to move out of LoF again. Hmpf.
As a last ditch effort I move my Mobile Brigada up a bit to shoot at his FO which is pretty much my only visible target on the board, thinking I need any point I can get. Well, turns out that FO was damn good with his Laser Pointer and first he manages to Spotlight me, and then Flashpulse me. So he got his Classified… and my Mobile Brigada stood there in shame.

Okay, at this point it’s my opponents game to try and turn around, he has only killed a single model and lost quite a lot in turn. He makes a bold move and shoots a medkit at his HMG… who makes it and comes back to life! What!
The Cateran comes out to play once again… he can shoot at Iguana Pilot, Mobile Brigada and Intruder controlling both HWTs. I shoots at the Intruder and Mobile Brigada. The Mobile Brigada dies. Ah… why didn’t you kill that damn FO and move back into cover?! The Intruder proves unkillable though. Eventually another sniper shot took down the Iguana Pilot as well though… 71 points down…
At the very end he decides to cancel his last Impetious Order with the Antipode (who had been running away) simply to not provoke any AROs… he thought that the only thing he could do was die anyway, and what is 5 points in the grand scheme of things?

Well, turns out 5 points is a lot in this game. After we calculate the score I have 148 points surviving, so 3 points shy of 3p, and thus he has 152 points killed which is 1 point over the limit to get 3 points for killing. I killed 195 points… so a solid 3 points, but that means 105 points survived, which is 4 points over the limit to get 1 points for survival…
So to put this in perspective. If he instead of killing my Mobile Brigada in the end focus on my Intruder to deny me the 2 points for Classified… because the Mobile Brigada is 4 points more than the Intruder… he would have lost the game. Instead we have a draw at 6-6. Doesn’t get much closer than that! A lot of random events could’ve gone different in his last turn, but he did exactly what he needed to do to tie a certain loss… good job on that one! Stings a bit being me though! 🙂

Oh, and if you wonder what the Smoke on the Water in the title is all about… well all his smoke grenades landed in water for some reason so…

Smoke on the water...Smoke on the water...Smoke on the water...Smoke on the water...Smoke on the water...Smoke on the water...

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