Control of Flamia Island

Operation 978-84-O-1

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VS Yu Jing

Disclaimer: The mission is engineering Deck as this battlerep was meant for Zhurong but somebody pointed to us that reporting a battle against Yu Jing in Zhurong would damage the alliance, which doesn’t make much sense, I can fight against myself and it counts as a victory no matter the result, but cannot play against my ally without breaking the alliance.

I won initiative and choose to start for a change, revealed the Mk II sniper to do a discover+shoot against a camo marker over a bulding to my left who obviously was a Raiden, but failed the discover, then moved the Mk III to the objective room, but another Raiden the right side got an unexpected LOS (damn those silouetes that are way taller than the old minis), fortunately he failed his shoot at long range without cover, and I managed to reach cover and shot him down from optimal range in the next order. With clear path, the Probot reached a console, activated it, and retreated behind full cover. I put the Mk III into supressive fire and that was it.

Primo started with his shaolin monks, so they could smoke a way for the Kuang Shi, and a Yao Zao could heal the unconscious Raiden, he then used the new Teampro hacking program to make a Domaru Duo who started to run towards the Mk III, they threw an E/M grenade to cover their advance and then assaulted the posthuman, two Domaru Butai where way too much for a Mk III, I revealed a Dasyu with killer hacker device to try and get some wounds on them while they charged in, but instead got kiled when the Domaru turned against him, at least the Asura hacker managed to isolate one of them while the Mk II did a wound to the Domaru character and drove back to his side of the table in search of cover. A Guilang FO designated my HVT, and the Raiden on the left died trying to surprise my Mk II.

On my second turn, the posthuman avenged himself shooting down the isolated Domaru, the Asura advanced to get rid of the Guilang but with his dying breath, managed to leave behind a position repeater within her range, fearing the worst I shot down the repeater and retreated to the objective room, then Primo unleashed a hacking storm revealing a Guilang Hacker and a Ninja with killer device, the asura received 3 diferent kinds of cyber attack but thanks to the incompetence of his ninja and my high BTS nothing happened, then my Naga killer did his thing with the recently revealed Guilang and camouflaged again, and the Mk I activated my left console.

Primo smoked again with the Shaolin, and then sent the martial artist for the Asura, but with MSV3 he got shot just when he was reaching her, then was the turn of Oyama, he approached stealthily to avoid being hacked, and charged headlong, neglecting his own safety, I shot him down, but really thought my lieutenant was done for, a Berserking Oyama guarantees a Damage 17 AP+EXP hit, and you should have seen Primo’s face when I managed to roll 14, 19 and 20 and thus getting only one wound. Still, he didn’t falter and sent a second Shaolin who finally managed to survive even though he couldent damage de Asura (she had survived a hacking onslaught, and then was holding three of the best close combat specialists of the sphere), but with the Asura locked in combat, the Rui Shi could get near to kill the Mk II which cleared a path for the Kuang Shi on the left to advance and kill some Netrods and menace my Naga killer.

On my last turn, a Dasyu hacker opened the left door of the objective room, hacked the centre console and camouflaged behind the console, a Naga FO on my right killed some Kuang Shi and designated his HVT. The Asura tried to disengage the Shaolin to enter the room, but I had run out of luck.

In his last turn, Primo’s EVO repeater took his right console, the Kuang Shi killed my Naga hacker which allowed his doctor to reach the console of his left unharmed, the Rui Shi discovered and killed mya Dasyu FO through the objective room right door and the ninja with killer device secured the room and the central console.

Operation 978-84-O-1Operation 978-84-O-1Operation 978-84-O-1Operation 978-84-O-1Operation 978-84-O-1Operation 978-84-O-1Operation 978-84-O-1
Yu Jing

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  • Durian Khaar says:

    Given the recent development between the officials, Fighting at Zhurong would have been a very viable option.